Coach Fangio gives the final injury report and STC Tom McMahon previews #DENvsGB – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

They fucked up with the mics again

Tommy Chonga

Ugh I really want these two defensive pieces back.

Cartman Power

Sign Antonio Brown and get Jalen Ramsey.

    2,000SUBS No video Challenge yummy

    @Shake not at all it will bring the team down with ab why would you think Pat’s will cut him


    @2,000SUBS No video Challenge yummy I don’t think you know how to read

    2,000SUBS No video Challenge yummy

    @Shake if it work out u said but that will never happen I was saying


    @2,000SUBS No video Challenge yummy I can agree with that


    Nty, don’t get AB, maybe Ramsey though.

Jeff Wingham

Elway needs to go.


Maybe fangio has never been a coach for so long for a reason, not cut out for it…. 😒


    Same thing I thought after our loss to Oakland

    Cartman Power

    Oakland sweeps us and wins the division.

    JR Thomas

    JOEL00111 I think there’s plenty to be optimistic about. I wouldn’t fail him after 2 games. Quit being dramatic


Todd is back thank you!

    J T

    He sucks

Dracarys Dothraki

This guy sucks get someone who has actually been a head coach, another awful elway hire

Mike Taylor

We all need to relax. To many new pieces. It will gel.



explore 2580

at least vance got us 2 wins…it looks like we may go 0-16 with this guy….shout out to joe fako….mr. 3 and out


    explore 2580 we had 27 first downs last Sunday. Moving the ball isn’t the problem. Scoring in the red zone is the problem

    ray ray

    Yeah explore get out of here man your stupid and I dont have time for stupidity

ray ray

I honestly dont think half of these Broncos fans are actually Broncos fans probably they jumped on since 2011

    Bradley Jackson

    I agree …we as (real) fans get frustrated, but I still bleed blue and Orange. “Go Broncos ” !!! Win or lose !!!

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