Coach Fangio: Friday’s practice probably the best of camp for offense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Bronco Nation

I hope they play really well this year

Klaus Klaus

For the highest paid RT, it would be nice if James could train more than 1 day a week😂

    Broncos Stampede

    Klaus Klaus Hes Working Off An Injury..So They Are Slowly Working Him Back..Trust We Got This.


Nice to have a real coach, that alone should make a huge difference.

    Janky Jank Productions

    Why wasn’t Vance real?


    @Janky Jank Productions He was real, it was just real bad at coaching.

Irish Rocker

Can’t hear the questions. I can balance out your sound if you need some help


    Lol. Just go down there and help every network come together on this

    A A Ron _

    Irish Rocker it’s been this way for years. Sucks.


He said Broncos Nation 😂 He’s new to the Broncos so he gets a pass but I hope that man learns the right terminology

    ED JAY


    Enoch Ching

    I think he doesn’t care.

    Alex Chinikailo

    Listen to what he means, not what he says.

Flippant Booch

Why don’t they fix the audio ?

blue sky251

im scared of the of again…i will be so mad if we are in 13-10 games and the damn o gets nothing but 3 and outs…i can see that happening…i dont know if vic is fixing the of

    Uso Penitentiary

    blue sky251 it’s not going to be a one year turn around unless we’re lucky so don’t expect too much

    Tracy Snow

    Relax. If you don’t know who this man is…research…and Denver is NOT going to have a losing season. Not possible. Do some research on the coaching staff alone that has been brought in. Much less the weapons. I was crazy when I first heard of all the changes. But I researched. I think we gonna’ be good!

Michael Jr.

Can I get a, “Mic check?” It would be awesome if I got to hear a question

Karl Cross

Coach is soooo much more relaxed in these Q&As from when he first got here.

BrookLand F

I wish i could hear the questions….

Flippant Booch

Stockley 😂😂

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