Coach Fangio: Don’t put any stock into initial depth chart – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Adilson Rodrigues Reply

Lets go boys

Beau Reply

Can’t hear the interviewers…billion dollar team can’t afford microphones

    Jeff Garcia Reply

    Beau I can hear it

    whitecholocatemilk Reply

    I can’t

    Daniel Gutierrez Reply

    Beau dumbass 😂 it’s not that they can’t afford them of course the “billion dollar team” can afford it. 🤦🏻‍♂️ they just assume you don’t need to hear the question I guess lol

CA Sports Reply

Let’s go!

Darion Spencer Reply

HOF coach

Travis C. Johnson Reply

Butt myswell start packing his bags now

Austyn Korands Reply

Get the press microphones half the answers are confusing without the context of the question

D K Reply

Not sure about the entire offense, but we got Lindsay with Royce waiting on the sidelines, so I’m very excited for the run game. Let’s go!

    Cisco james Reply

    I bet Freeman has the heavier work load of he stays healthy

Jerome Schulze Reply

U better not play any starters at all.. None.. I don’t want to see fant risner at all

    Daniel Gutierrez Reply

    Jerome Schulze they’re rookies of course you’re gonna see them. Just because they were 1st and second round draft picks that doesn’t automatically mean they should be penciled in as starters. It doesn’t mean they’re automatically good. They need to play some this pre season even the HOF game to see if they are worth their picks

    JR0752 Gamer Reply

    Heck no, try out players. This is the time to figure out who is good and what works!

Jerome Schulze Reply

2:45 Jake butt gone and needs to be gone

    Dammien Woolsey Reply

    Jerome Schulze they will get more experience and will be able to show off some of there skills

Jerome Schulze Reply

I think every nfl fan hates pre season games.. Have like 2 pre season games and add more regualar games.. 20 total ..more preseasin games more chance that guys get hurt like your best player.. Or qb!! Get rid of preaseaon..only thing its good for is to see how your team is..then bam you lose your best Player

    Cisco james Reply

    Without preseason you dont find guys like lindsay and Harris

    Nicholas Sugar Reply

    Love preseason !!! Without that we don’t have Lindsay and a lot other players what are you smoking???????

    Tykwan Mcleod Reply

    Question! When a team gets a free agent, or a rookie player? How are they suppose to learn the new playbook with 2 or no preseason games? HuH?

rolland mousseaux Reply


Joseph Malone Reply

i wish we could hear the questions

JR0752 Gamer Reply

Please play some players!!! I will be at the game. This will be our first Broncos game as we are East coast fans.

M a n c h i l d Reply


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