Coach Fangio: Broncos will ‘keep grinding away’ to improve pass rush – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Flippant Booch

How bout rushing more than 3 people 😫😫

Nerdy_Geek 18

Why are we not doing long passes Flacco has the arm we have great receivers lets throw it down field.

    Roger Barker

    How can they make a long play in under 2 seconds ? The time we give before flacco takes a beating or we lose 10 yrds after every holding penalty

    Jack McCandless

    They spend too much time trying to be conservative instead of making big plays. The coaches have been timid the last 4 years.

    Steven Soco

    Nerdy_Geek 18 OL can’t pass block. Next question?

    Steven Soco

    Jack McCandless / see comment above

    Kimberly Sikorski

    Roger Barker MY point EXACTLY ! You need at a MINIMUM 3 FULL seconds to throw a decent pass, if your offensive line can’t hold out the defense then your screwed. The offense needs to learn its routes. And the DEFENSE needs to be able to stop the opposing team. This last loss was all on them. Flacco is also extremely good at the no huddle……

Uso Penitentiary

Need to keep Chubb and Von out of coverage. Honestly may need another WR too. Outside of Sanders and Sutton, nobody else either gets open or gets open too late

    ray ray

    Sanders , lindsay sutton get open alot they need a better wr

    Uso Penitentiary

    ray ray talking about strictly receivers. As great of a route runner as Hamilton is, he can’t separate.

    ray ray

    @Uso Penitentiary and when he does he gets nervous and drops the ball

    I am MGTOW

    I agree. Chubb and Miller need to be rushing the passer 100% of the time and not dropping back in coverage. Outside of Chubb and Miller not one is pressuring the QB. Gostis, Jones, Walker and Harris needs to step up.
    I think the WR core is in better shape then the offensive line depth. I wouldn’t mind if Elway picked up another lineman from waivers or trading for a decent backup.

    Andres G.

    We should put in the rookie was making moves preseason and otas

Freddie Ware

Broncos need to learn how to finish. Get out of their feelings and let things go (bad plays, mistakes ect.). The red zone offence scares me.

Daniel Johnson

I’ve said it every week we have been getting better each week keep you head up figured it out and focus on the jags. offense we are moving the ball but finish drives and cut the turnovers down and defense is fine but we are based off pass rush so let’s get going


    Jack McCandless

    NoFlyZone is gone though. ☹

    Cartman Power

    We WERE the best team in the NFL from 2012-2015.

    Paty Perez

    Daniel Johnson 💯


Never admitted it to anyone but I have had the feeling it would take at least 5 games to really come together. A week 4 win would be a huge moral boost.

    Klaus Klaus

    Cottonmouth78 thx, finaly somebody who understands football… new hc, new offensive and defensive system, new players and qb, it all needs time! We lost 2 close games against 2 of the best teams of the nfc. Give us some time and we can be a good team. As worried i am about the zone scheme defense and that miller and chubb dont do anything at pass rush, we will get better and better with time!

Javier Duran

Give it time we are looking better every week

Dave Logan

Put Joe in shotgun 2 backs..he will throw for blocking and Lindsey and Freeman up the gut..middle slants and go’s..take more shots..5 a game min..

    Jamal Murray #BlueArrow #MileHighBasketball

    We need James back first.

    Kimberly Sikorski

    Jason Medina really you are going to blame Joe for all three losses ? The offense needs to be able to give the QB a chance to throw. At a MINIMUM you need to have three seconds. The offense needs to learn their assigned routes. The DEFENSE needs to step it up. This last loss was all on them.

    Kimberly Sikorski

    I agree with you Dave ! Flacco is also extremely good at the no huddle offense. The Broncos need to use it. Joe will tell you himself that he also likes to push the envelope at times. He’s not going to be perfect but I don’t care I like that about him. He is also a super guy with a great personality. He NEVER blames other players or points fingers (except at himself) and will NEVER do anything STUPID in his personal life to disappoint or embarrass his fans, Team or the NFL.

Steven Soco

I think it was Lammey who asked about rebuilding. The coach HAS to say he has faith in the talent on the field, even if knows the team is talent-starved. Need to find a better way to ask that question…

Steven Soco

I like Vic. I know the buck stops there, and we’re 0-3, but I think the team should stay with Fangio long term. Above him however, time to clean house.

Jordan Walker

Relax Broncos fans.
A change in quarterback is not the answer, nor is firing John.
Fangio and company have a lot of issues to correct. You have to consider the intangible damage the franchise has endured these past couple years. It takes time to wipe that damage clean and to create success. You are ignorant if you think immediate, long lasting success is achieved overnight. Stay smooth operators. Trust this staff.

    William Vang

    John is not the answer idiot, firing the stupid idiot OC Rich, he is not a good OC.


    @William Vang I wouldn’t say he’s a bad OC either though, we have some long lasting drives which keeps offenses off the field and gives our defense time to rest, our defense needs to step up. It’s his first year being an OC, each week they look better and better.

Jeff Crouch

I got your back coach 💪 just keep coaching keep doing what you guys have been and it will all come together before we know it 👌👍 I would rather start off losing and finish the season winning instead of the other way around honestly. It’s your first season and your staffs first season coaching this team I’m not even worried at this point coach I know it will all come together sooner then later 🙏


Got damn its not vics fault that we lost its just new players coming to a new game this next game for sure. I still love my team and I’ll still hate the raiders till I die


    I’ve always hated the queefs more.

Darville Leonard

I like how he puts it 30 something year in the NFL there are great times and bad times just a matter of time before the team gets it together in knowin how to WIN and gettin Fired up

Cliff Hanger

It’s too early and I don’t want to see Vic’s head on the chopping block but bloody hell can we just get a win?


Just like Vance Joseph kept grinding away.


The thing is, one bad call has been Killin this team week after week. We gotta overcome bs like that to become a winning team again. Pump it up

Paty Perez

We are fixing to hit a winning streak I can feel it! Let’s Gooo Broncos!!!! Xoxo 😘

    Lucky Seven



MUST win- NO JOKE NO EXCUSES… time to step up guys… TAKE THE VICTORY no one is going to hand it to you… TAKE IT!

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