Coach Brian Daboll Previews Rookie Minicamp | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Brian Daboll Previews Rookie Minicamp | New York Giants

Head Coach Brian Daboll speaks to the media Friday ahead of the start of rookie minicamp.
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itspatrickmaybe Reply


Dilonpro9 Reply

Let’s go giants big blue!

New York Giants Reply

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    Robin Martinez Reply

    Lets go giants. Big blue

    Carlos R Zavala Reply

    I’m coming from cali for the Indy game on New Years In NJ!! Let’s make the most out of it love big blue

Dee Viipa Reply


Talking Sports With Muz Reply

Let’s go beat the Titans 🤞

    Dillon Is cool Reply

    I hope we do but it won’t be easy 🤞🏾

    RJ Harrold Reply

    I actually think we have a solid chance
    It’s week 1 and they haven’t seen what Daboll is gonna do in NY plus no AJ Brown now

    Johan Reply

    @RJ Harrold Daboll is terrible against The titans. His record all time is 0-8

    RJ Harrold Reply

    @Johan And?

    Johan Reply

    @RJ Harrold My point is the Odds aren’t in our favor

Hartford Reply

that’s my head coach

NYGJeffyT3285 Reply

Really can’t wait to see what Wan’Dale Robinson can do in this offense. Think he’ll have a really solid rookie season & fit it really nicely under this Brian Daboll/Mike Kafka offensive scheming

    titaniumtitan Reply

    @ I’m hoping ( as a Cats fan) the Giants draft Will Levis next year. That would be awesome!

    NYGJeffyT3285 Reply

    @titaniumtitan I did a film breakdown of him on my YouTube channel & watch some of his college plays. Think Robinson can be a surprise game changer to this offense. Will Levis looked really solid at QB & if Jones doesn’t work out maybe Levis could be someone to look at & scout

    titaniumtitan Reply

    @ NYGJeffyT3285 Awesome! He’ll develop well this year as well and should become an nfl starter! Pumped y’all got Wan’Dale hopefully he can secure a solid wr spot. I’m kinda a giants fan lol also I subbed to your channel!

    NYGJeffyT3285 Reply

    @titaniumtitan thank you so much for the sub I appreciate it a ton & let your friends know about my channel too. I just think the type of player Robinson is & the skillset he possesses will be exactly what can thrive in this specific offensive system. Just need him to become a little more crisp a route runner

    titaniumtitan Reply

    @ NYGJeffyT3285 Yeah no problem bro! I hope you have great success with your channel! That’s what I thinking, Wan’Dale sells his routes way to much. He got away with it 3/4 of the time with his speed and route running, but that’s not going to work in the nfl.

JBX. Reply

Welcome the New York Giants.. your ship..really..can’t wait.. I believe that we are going in the right direction honestly..Go Big Blue..

Mike Curtis Reply

Man look at the smile on his face!!!!

Will Williams Reply

Lets Go NY Football🏈 Giants lets be Great 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Adam Giocondo Reply

To me it looks like the easiest schedule we’ve had in about 5 years or so. I just glanced at it though… We’ll see boys!

    PUNKem733 Reply

    Giants have the easiest schedule.

Bill Maxfield Reply

Go Bruins!!!!

Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko&mimi Reply

Make Buffalo proud Daboll 🔴⚪️🔵

Keshav Raval Reply

Wandale Robinson and KT is going to be fun to watch

    titaniumtitan Reply

    Yep Wan’Dale was a ton of fun to watch at Uk

David Deutsch Reply

EVERYONE in the media writing up the giants as an easy win on every teams schedule, let’s show em we’re not gonna go down without a fight! Don’t let up this season guys, DJ, Saquan, I know it’s the 1st year with the new regime but let’s make some magic this season us fans need it lol

    Mr. Christopher Reply


    iDGF999 Reply

    It’s ok to be bad again. This team is being stripped down to the studs and rebuilt.

KingChrisTv Reply

What about Rodarius Williams?

George Vreeland Hill Reply

I have been a Giants fan since 1967, and I have seen a lot of ups and downs. This staff and team are getting me excited. I can’t wait for the season to start.

CherryTown Vibe Reply

I’m just patiently waiting for week 1

DW X Reply

Get the rooks up to speed, need to see the free agents step up and make and break camp with the best roster

John Oursler Reply

Y’all got a great coach and gm ,Both were great in Buffalo and they will build a team I have no doubt.signed Bills fan!

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