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Captain C Reply

I hope our offense gets a little better each game.

    Joseph Rios Reply

    it started the same last year remember? im not as worried as i was before

    Gary Hynes Reply

    They better or it’s 8-8, no playoffs. BTW, the Redskins are horrible. We’ll see where theBeloved is come Sunday against Minny.

    Reggie Barnes Reply

    @Gary Hynes STFU Gary

    Juan Rios Reply

    All up to Mitch

    t- milt Reply

    The bears offense is pathetic & they’re lucky to have won 1 game let alone 2 (den & wsh are bad teams too).

Drew TheViper Reply

With Eddie and Ha Ha back there, i shudder to think how many turnovers we might have this year.

    Carter Rickman Reply

    @D.J. ENCORE ! Roll Tide baby

    Cortez Reply


    D.J. ENCORE ! Reply

    @Carter Rickman

    Eric Mendoza Reply

    If Trubisky play just a regular game the Bears will be a force!
    Patriots don’t want none!!
    Go Bears 2020!!!

Bob Williams Reply

I was at the game it was lit

    em2 _raw Reply

    Same here it was eletric!!!🐻⬇️👊

    Noah Rios Reply

    Eddy !eddy! was a great game

Vincent Parker Reply

More to come just stay healthy 👏👏👏🙏

b r Reply

Love how Bears Fans Took Over The Stadium As Well

    Noah Rios Reply

    Was at the game man we were chanting all night

    Raul Flores Reply

    I was there. Stadium was not filled. End up sneaking into the ciroc club. Good times

    rivotrich7 Reply

    I was there. So awesome to see and hear the whole section at FedEx chanting Let’s Go Bears! And Eddy….Eddy! 🐻🔥🔥

    Nick J Reply

    b r they do at just about every road game haha

    SG_mjsref Reply

    they’re just bandwagons

G Lo Reply

Lol someone qouted Dave Chappelle “Cold Blooded” 🤣

CollinsK85 Reply

Time to get Up and Boogie!!! 🐻⬇

Chairman Meow Reply

its funny cause khalil mack is literally a bear

    Lamont Bryant Reply

    Yes I noticed that too

    Electric Reply

    Don’t forget about Akiem Hicks.

    TheRealRhino Reply

    That man back there lookin like the black hulk

AJK BearsBound Reply

It’s always Tarik and Anthony in the middle

    ScootPac11 Reply

    Beezo too, but he with the jets now

    Liverpool 4Life Reply

    ScootPac11 yea so it’s bojack now

theicc ICC Reply

“I came here to be apart of somethin special”

    TheRealRhino Reply

    That HIT HIT

    hoaky s Reply

    Sent shivers 🐻⬇️

TTundragrizzly Reply

Imagine if our offense would be dominant on a weekly basis like our defense. They would literally be unbeatable. It’s possible!

    Raging Pirate Reply

    Randy J Except Mahomes wouldn’t have been in that system for years and learned Alex Smith and Andy Reid

    Randy J Reply

    @Raging Pirate hate to break it to you Bro, but Trubisky will never be as good as Mahomes, even after 10 years in the system. Mahomes is the greatest ballplayer we’re ever going to see. Hes the Michael Jordan of football, and we got the Sam Bowie of football. Watch Mahomes play a couple games in a row. He’s playing 4D chess, and our guy is playing checkers. Ryan Pace will not be known as the guy that drafted a few mid round gems, he’ll always be remembered as the guy that passed on the best ballplayer of our lifetimes.

    Scott Pilz Reply

    “Mediocre Mitch” 🤣🤣🤣

    Kevin Boaz Reply

    if we’d run more we could be

    t- milt Reply

    @Randy J-Mahomes career woulda been ruined like every qb that goes to chicago.

Mathew Wellington Reply

I neeeeed to see this same defensive ruthlessness against the vikings. Love this team baby!!!


    AZ17 Reply

    kirk loves to throw picks against us

    Robert Medina Reply

    @AZ17 hope Akeim Hicks is okay, he has some of his best games against the Vikings

    t- milt Reply

    2 bum qb’s goin up against eachother is always entertaining.

BlackSapphireE90 Reply

Hopefully this club dub brings a spark to the team and the start of a winstreak like last season. Definitely more energetic this club dub compared to last week. Bear down baby 🐻⬇️

    Joe Gadberry Reply

    Wait till they get a division w

    Gary Slomczynski Reply

    Not going to be that easy not like last year!!! Green bay was the start of your offensive weakness no QB!!! So sorry!! Bears tradition of having a QB that sucks!! Its history!!

Logistic Juice Reply

With Fuller, Eddie and HaHa in the backfield I would see us having the most interceptions again this year

    Darrell Wagner Reply

    It time 2 trade him… He a easy target… That how we been losing.. Him getting burn.or can’t cover nobody

    Michael Moore Reply

    @Darrell Wagner prince is solid in coverage for the most part more then serviceable. He just doesn’t have great ball skillz

    Poop in a bucket Reply

    Michael Moore Yeah, prince is still pretty solid

    spikeball pro8 Reply

    2nd to the Green Bay Packers. GO PACK GO!!!

matt B Reply

Soldier Field needs to be LOUD on Sunday!!!

    M K Reply

    matt B It will be deafening!

    t- milt Reply

    The silence will be deafening when the bears offense lays another egg.

M C Reply

Is it just me or does Khalil Mack look like an actual Bear.

    M K Reply

    M C He’s not just a bear…He’s a Chicago Bear 🙂

Spyder 98 Reply

Time to give Mitch the keys to the Corvette and let it rip, we know he can make big passes.

    Chi Town Reply

    He’s garbage
    He literally tossed the first two touchdowns, I could’ve made those throws.
    Too many overthrows again.
    Had the bears played a decent team, there would’ve been a comeback because the offense can’t stay on the field

    Alan Castillo Reply

    @Chi Town aight keep sleeping on our boys

    Reggie Barnes Reply

    @Chi Town Chi Town: you need to STFU talkin all that BS who side you on anyway you need to change yo damn name

    Tony Arriaga Reply

    Chi Town Your garbage with those comments bro!!!

    Thomas Buwick Reply

    @Chi Town just letting you know according to next gen stats that throw Trubisky made was the most impossible throw and catch all season 10%.

Chief Keith Reply

If our offense was scoring at a good rate we’d be unbeatable.

    t- milt Reply

    They play a real defense this week so i dont see them lighting minny up.

David Weise Reply

I’ve loved HHCD since he was a sophomore at Bama. It’s a dream come true that he’s on the bears.

Bear from Buxte Reply

🗣️📢 Boooom. Bears the Best 🐻🏈💙🧡 Greetings from Hamburg 🇩🇪

    t- milt Reply

    Nein, der bears offense is sheise.

    Bear from Buxte Reply

    @t- milt Yes’re right. But the Defense is very strong. 💪🏻😉

    t- milt Reply

    Stark defense ya, but with green bay havin a 3-0 start und philly at home tmrw i doubt chicago even makes the playoffs.

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