Club Dub: Week 2 locker room celebration – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Michael Ott

Offense better get to work this week



    Diego Gurrola

    Danny 😂

Nidiffer Productions

A Win Is A Win! Enjoy it.

Holy Samurai Jerusalem

Looking forward to 14 more of these in the regular season!! Congrats Gentleman🐻👇

    Lee Moore

    Skins up next

    Chicago Bears

    we are ready for them.

Troy Stephens

Lol glad they won, but this club dub didn’t feel legit. Maybe that Denver’s air got to them and they was gassed but last year you felt the energy this one felt and looks different.

    G O

    Homosexuals and activists took over RIP NFL just welcome in the new gay disco nfl. In 10 short years homosexuals will be the cheerleaders.

    Marciano Parafina

    Damn no wonder my fantasy football team sucks this year…

    Steve B

    G O I’m guessing your one of them since you bring up the gay thing out of the blue!


    Don’t forget it was hot af also and direct sunshine

    Tasteless Stooge

    @G O lmao what??

Banipal Koril Seperghan

Winning is a great deodorant for a football locker room.
“May the scent of victory permeate the Chicago Bears Organization.” BKS


Club dub is back, the club just opened for one song this week. Next week I’m sure after a win u might see girls there.

Chi Doc

Let’s keep winning and improving on Offense. Keep running that ball 👍

Devin Boone

I love my guys, club wasn’t packed, too many exhausted players!

    Terrel Ada

    Ha Ha!! Lmao!!

Tony Adams

We’ll design more trick plays gotta get the new players to buy in staff as well.

Jason Edwards

It all starts with one win, just like last year.

Redskins are getting that work next Monday!

Da Bears

What no swag surfing ? That was club dub national anthem….


All I can say is an ugly win is better than a beautiful loss,


Kyle Long doing the worm in the beginning lmaoooo 🐻⬇️

Alex Stewart

All ya’ll whining saying it should have been a blowout, ya’ll don’t know anything. Denver was 17-1 in home openers, Bears came in and not only had to beat the Broncos, but had to beat the heat, the altitude, and then the refs with the two bogus Roughing the passer, and the personal foul roughing the receiver/runner…

Broncos were 17-1, and the Bears win to make them 17-2. I’ll take it, not many teams go in and win.

Steve L

I said it once and I’m going to say it again this is what happens when you don’t play in preseason I’m old school I remember when starters played the first half of the preseason this is how you get your timing down on offense against real defenders and not against your practice defense it’s not the same and also your defense would not be out of gas during week 1 of the regular season forget about players getting hurt if it’s going to happen it would happen preseason or regular season it doesn’t matter play the freaking game this is why you half a 53 man roster I’m watching preseason games and starters laughing playing around like they accomplish something just look around some of the week one and two games a lot of these teams playing like rookies.

Jordan Aguero

Mitch and Nagy better give Pineiro 50% of their paychecks


Put horsted in! Give him a damned shot!


Ban Trubisky from Club Dub until he throws a TD pass this season

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