Clinton Portis reflects on time in Denver, five-TD game and trade to Washington | Broncos Legends – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Cameron Belin Reply


Brasen Komoroski Reply

Love you broncos

Cruzinthruspace Reply

Loved these days

Michael Ortega Reply

Miss you bro

    LeBong Jaymes Reply

    Without Clinton, there is no champ, just remember that

714milky Reply

Still, at the time, one of the most fair trades of all time. We won the trade. But at the time that swap i was sad to see Portis go….but I immediately bought my Champ jersey!!

    Jens Petersen Reply

    That was a special off season getting Champ and Lynch . Our “RB starmaker” was Tom Nalen and it was amazing how the Shannahan/Kubiak team could plug one RB in after another

supratrd900 Reply

As good as a running back Portis was. Washington didn’t really use him right. He will always be overshadow by LT during that era. Denver pretty much robbed the Redskins. They got a once in a lifetime shutdown corner. 2 draft picks with one becoming decent in Tatum Bell. The Broncos didn’t lose production in the run game. Washington still haven’t found a shutdown corner since Champ and Darrelle. Norman was supposed to be that guy.
Denver won the trade.

Izzy P Reply

Always loved me some Clinton! Hated to see him go. Great to see him again!

    LeBong Jaymes Reply

    Remember when he busted a 63 yard touchdown as his first carry in a redskin uniform? Man he was so fun to watch

Reginald Nixon Reply


lastpme Reply

Sad that it didn’t workout…he was special in Denver…

    David Krug Reply

    Champ Bailey…….nuff said!!!!

The Original Dizzy-D Reply


Steve Crispin Reply

Much love for Clinton’s play in Denver!

Shawn Meador Reply

Super cool guy, met him a few years ago when I coached pop warner…. he coach Immokalee and I coached ccjfa

Down South Bronco Reply

Clinton Portis was a awesome hard nosed back. .quick,fast and he ran hard ..but the two traits that stuck out the most was his heart and competitive nature. .remember the Ravens games when Ray Lewis called him out before the game and talked trash the whole game tring to intimidate him ..Clinton didn’t back down or shy away from contact…mind you, offenses didn’t want it with the Ravens back then especially running backs. Portis set the tone for us in those games against the Ravens…But all in all pretty even trade in my opinion. .

Banderson Banderson Reply

Good to see he is doing well. Some of those highlights remind how good and fast he was.

Joseph Good Reply

Was on the sideline during the 5 TD game. While tailgaiting someone had to leave and I got some before game on field passes. When they tried to make us leave me and a buddy were able to sneak back when the security was tied up with a very attractive female. One of the highlights of my Bronco’s fandom for sure.

M 4D Reply

I bet he remembers this girl named Shriver.

LeBong Jaymes Reply

The champ and Clinton trade to this day is probably the best trade ever made as far as both teams benefiting from the player they received

    Daniel Henderson Reply

    I think it’s up there I thought the Marshall Faulk trade to the Rams to get Edgerrin James was another good one.

Matt Henry Reply

Loved watching Clinton. such a great player.

Ian Burke Reply

I miss Clinton Portis

Daniel Henderson Reply

Shocking to hear him say that he was so angry that he was drafted in the 2nd round that he really didn’t enjoy it more before the trade to the Redskins.

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