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Escocivo 30

The Browns are winning since Darnold is injured. No way that Siemian is going to do anything special.

    Chris Cobach

    Famous last words from browns fans :โ€ we are gonna win, we got this in the bagโ€

    danglerz TV

    Escocivo 30 you never know, if Bell plays like a monster and the defense shows up like last week before the meltdown they could pull it off


    Darnold isn’t injured, he just has ligma

    Kube Dog

    If he has a solid game, Jets can win. Browns are ghetto trash.

Lucien Hicks

Jets may not have Bell and won’t have Darnold. Should be an easy win for Cleveland


    Jamal adam and c.j Mosley

    Royal Nation

    i don’t know man. The browns lost last week with Nick Chubb having 75 TDs so………..

    GRN_ShotYa !

    Lucien Hicks nah we have bell and when cj mosely was in the game we didnt give up any points

    Kube Dog

    Cleveland is trash. 7-9 at best. 60% chance they win Monday though…

Shortest SB Champion QB

Browns should win since the Jets are injured to hell

    American Sports Fan

    Darnold getting Mono isnโ€™t really considered an injury. I consider it a man living life to the fullest


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Malik Lander

Browns since Jets wonโ€™t have Darnold


nick chubb a monster with his 75 tds

Jeffery Robertson

Browns beat Jets 37 – 21 Cleveland Browns was member AFC Central Division from 1970 through 1993 and New York Jets was member AFC East Division from 1970 through 1993 era

Jerry Junior

Last week basically just went to show what happens when you overhype a team, I say Cleveland will get serious this time and Mayfield SHOULD put up a better show against that Jets Defense Imma say Cleveland 30 Jets 21

Dark Demonik

As a Jets fan please smoke us we don’t deserve to win *incoming soy jet fans attacking me and defending a loser culture *


    Dark Demonik coming from a Giants fan, nah dude we gotta be the losing NY team, pls win. Need a damn wake up call for our franchise ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    Dark Demonik

    @KrypTiicGaming you guys won 4 superbowls no one trying to hear that you relate to us crap lol

Smokey Sauce

Nick Chubb is a damn animal with 75 tds on 17 touchs MVP

    Imperial Roman

    Smokey Sauce lol

    Teo Strong

    Not really that great…
    4.4 ypc

    Lost Timing

    @Teo Strong it was a joke my god dude

    Kube Dog

    He’ll have more arrests this year than touchdowns.


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Yeshua Dean

I really really hope the browns lose to the jets who dont have their starting qb just so all these media analyst gotta backtrack even more after week 1, browns blow ravens got the division easy peazy lemon squeezy

Jared GOAT

If the Jets some how win the Browns will never hear the end of it

    Landonplayz Games

    True, it would be the total end of their hype

    Kube Dog

    Fingers crossed.


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Lieutenant Nomad

A very stoppable force VS a very movable object

    Flower Power


Q Ravioli

The Jets were nice enough to be the first team to gift the Browns a win in like two years or something right? I expect the same sort of generosity here. If the Browns lose…..they need to fire someone.

Widow Maker

Chubb got 75 TDs last week? That has to be a record

    Royal Nation

    glad someone pointed it out lol. and of course the browns would still lose even with those 75 TDs

    Happy Poo

    Had more TDS than carries ๐Ÿ˜‚


    Did they just mess up or something ? Iโ€™m really confused by this

    Kube Dog

    @ItsTriqz No, they did not mess up. It really happened.


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Joe Lien

Aight if the browns are gonna somehow loose there actually a lost cause

    Kube Dog

    Yes. Go Jets!

Manny Ramos

If the Browns win they’d probably act like they won the Superbowl

Ugly S.M Studios

If the browns somehow loose this one, itโ€™s all over

Black on Black Exotic Review

Anyone in New Jersey want to go to the game?

Jimmy Donohoe

0:55 nick chubb scored 75 touchdowns week one? Damn!

Jimmy Donohoe

As a die hard jets fan, thisโ€™ll be a tough one to lose. I donโ€™t like our chances, but no way we allow more than 24 points

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