Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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TrubleShooting Reply

easy win for ravens

    Colorest Vandiver Reply

    No win is easy unless you play the Dolphins or Jets

    CoolBreezy#9 Reply

    Don’t say that, the Browns always win when they are considered an “easy win”. It’s a Browns dilemma.

    D.A.Y Reply

    Y’all said the same thing about the Rams game, and the Browns ended up playing them close

    No Name Reply

    TrubleShooting 😆

Xtreme 1500 Reply

Ravens 30-20

Juice wrld Reply

You’re gay if this Button is grey

Tilman Kuper Reply

28 17 ravens

CoolBreezy#9 Reply

This is the last chance for the Browns to prove themself. They actually had a strong showing against the Rams but I say their play calling and o-line ruin it for them again. Ravens 24 – 17

    J Nic Reply

    CoolBreezy#9 Week 4 last chance? Lmao

    CoolBreezy#9 Reply

    @J Nic their next quality opponent is the Patriots in the Second half of the season. If they want to prove themself as a good team, they need to beat the good teams now. One upset later in the season won’t do them any good.

    J Nic Reply

    CoolBreezy#9 Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are questionable as of now, so we’ll see what happens. But I think overall the media puts too much pressure on Cleveland. We are a very young team. This is Baker’s second season..not everyone can flex as hard as Patrick Mahomes.

    CoolBreezy#9 Reply

    @J Nic all that media hype is dead, they just call them overrated now. Which is ironic because the media was the one doing all the overrating

Fingering Things Reply

Both equal in talent, but I give ravens the edge cause Harbaugh > Kitchens

    Paul Pantzer Reply

    And Lamar > Baker

    Garrett K Reply

    I am a browns fan but that is a respectful opinion

ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

Browns are garbage as I’ve been saying. Ravens win 23-17

    iProtect Reply

    I agree

    Big Boy Reply

    ThatOneGuy 123 you don’t understand the browns are missing key players rn later on the browns will look like the team they were supposed to look. Just my opinion

    ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

    Big Boy later when? In December when their last few games are cakewalks?

    Big Boy Reply

    ThatOneGuy 123 yes sadly but true😂 I’m a browns fan I just want to see them in the playoffs at least 😂

Rashad Johnson Reply

Why the dramatic music in the background 😂?

Landonplayz Games Reply

Ravens 31
Browns 24

Nightmare Kilo Reply

Y’all remember that game Lamar vs Florida State in 2016? We need that type of game

Elias Ghanem Reply

Browns 16
Ravens 28

    Paul Pantzer Reply

    Elias Ghanem Nice profile pic

Jerry Junior Reply

Another tough game for the Browns, unlike the Rams, I feel this could be a blowout game. Cleveland 7 Ravens 27

    D.A.Y Reply

    I think the Ravens will win, but they aren’t scoring that much. Browns defense is too dominant.

    Uncle Shannon Reply

    D.A.Y right people forget that that defense stepped up big time in the game

Christopher Pugh Reply

I mean we were playing the chiefs. This should be a easy win for us this week.

    CoolBreezy#9 Reply

    And the Browns were playing the Rams, both teams lost by one possession. This will be a close game but I say the Kitchens bad play calling will lead to a Ravens win.

Breon Mitchell Reply

Ravens 42-14

Para Dice Reply

Ravens 26-21

Michael Jones Reply

The Baltimore Ravens will win

Doc Brown Reply

Browns 20
Ravens 26

The Bat Le Reply

Browns 16
Ravens 30

Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

I believe the ravens are better but something tells me the browns will win

Fakhar Tariq Reply

Ravens 35-16 🤩

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