Cinematic Highlight: Bears vs Redskins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Demme Frazier Reply


TTundragrizzly Reply

Vikings goin down!

    RC RACER 88 Reply

    I hope so I’m going to the game

stephen holmes Reply

Super Bowl Team Bear Down

Christian Townsend Reply

I have been a bad fan since I was little I went to my very first best game and it was the Green Bay Packers versus the Chicago Bears and the Bears beat the Packers and Rex Grossman was the quarterback of the Bears then

SouthSide Chicago Reply

Watching the 1st half was as good as it gets. The 2nd half tho, up to the point where Trevathan stuffed that 4th down, was very unsettling. Once this team put it all together, there isn’t a team in the NFL that can stop them!

AGK927 Reply

It was only the Redskins and just a reminder that the packers beat the bears 10-3 and they’re 1st in the NFC North

    Ramaun Thompson Reply

    Says the packer fan as they beat the broncos

    AGK927 Reply

    @Ramaun Thompson and the bears in chicago. Now that’s something we didnt do last year

    SH 20 Reply

    @AGK927 imagine having a gay quarterback

    Saif Khan Reply

    AGK927 So….your intention was to find the Bears YouTube channel, come in after 3 wins and start talking trash? Who are you facing next? Eagles? Ok I’ll tag you after next week lmao

    SH 20 Reply

    @Saif Khan yeah the eagles are a joke and the packers have the easiest schedule in the NFL and all home games to start

Jake Reply

I was there and it was amazing!!!! First time seeing the Bears in person!

JuakDee Reply

Bear Down baby!!

Big Pun Reply

Can we all agree that Jeff Joniak is super exciting to listen to?

    gerardo aleman Reply

    Best announcer in fact NFL and give us bears fan EEEXtra ecicitment. BEAR DOWN

Roc Boyz Reply

Keep them W’s rolling

Emperor Penguin Reply

im loving these

Diego Kiwi Reply

Gabriel was awesome

Marino Blocker Reply

That move by Trevathan though….

Elton J Casarez Reply


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