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Adam Porbanderwalla

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Ryan H

Go Hawks!!!!!

    Knijel Sickles


Escocivo 30

There is no more excuses for the Bengals! Marvin Lewis is finally gone. If Dalton doesn’t do anything this season. The Bengals should move on from him and rebuild.

    Final 4

    They are rebuilding!

    Eric Cartman

    Who cares about the bengals


    Tua or Hebert will be under center next year. Hopefully this years #1 pick Jonah Williams will be back by then and they invest in o-line help. This is one of the worst lines in football.

    Brian Fantana

    Hawks fan
    I agree man, Dalton has to show out this year. Cause there are some nice QBs coming through the draft in the next couple years.
    Trevor lawrence
    Justin Herbert
    Tua Tagovailoa
    Jalen Hurts
    Jake Fromm

    The Ownership has to see that.

Adam Porbanderwalla

0:54 you know that the seahawks got Jadaveon Clowney that is going to help a lot with run-stuffing

    Pat K

    Their run defense is going to be a lot betterbthis yeat

    Bobo The Duck

    @Pat K almost unstoppable in my opinion

    Whompet Gaming

    Poona Ford will help as well.

    Brian Fantana

    Yea, plus last year our defense dealt with a lot of injuries. K.J was out. Kendricks was suspended. Earl got hurt. Frank Clark was dealing with his shoulder.

    And this year they will unleash Poona. The human bulldozer. Plus Ziggy and Clowney.
    My head is spinning.

Ka Kjj

Anyone who thinks Seahawks ain’t making playoffs are delusional

    Alexander Escatel

    Yoboi Boy I’ll give you saints and rams for teams that are better than Seattle and maybe eagles but other than that we can beat everyone else in the NFC. Also packers and Vikings are in the same division so even if we do have to battle them for a wildcard one of them will cancel the other one out.

    Nickolas Caldwell

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT can we reframe from three mane calling! It’s extremely immature. Although I doing agree with what your saying it’s just a game. Let it be just that. Regardless everyone should be happy football is back starting tonight! Go Hawks

    Michelle Ezeugo

    Ka Kjj I agree. I know people like me get tired of seeing The New England Patriots win Super Bowls

    Nickolas Caldwell

    @Ox4xOmega yea ok buddy! Seattle blows a playoff lead every time? I guess so lol

Ka Kjj

Seahawks going 11-5 or 12-4

    A Minecraft OG since 2010

    Ezekiel Elliot is trash

    Alexander Escatel

    A Minecraft OG since 2010 hey what up!

    Remember me? 😂

    Right Zeke is overpaid just like Goff and if you ask me he won’t even last 6 more years the way the Cowboys use him.


    Alexander Escatel Zeke ain’t overpaid he can easily make people miss and run over them


    @TXC Alex I said name them rn


    5thSense Seahawks always lose to the “ easy” teams tho lmao, they always win games they should lose and lose games they should win stfu about an easy schedule. Its a new year teams have improved i wouldnt be surprised if the bengals beat the trash seacocks 😘

Jesse Williams



    I predict 34-17 but… YES! 👍 go HAWKS!

ThatRichKid 81

Woohoo road to 3-13 Bengals 1 pick her we come😌🙃


    im sad ..


    Better beat Miami to it


    Wrong. Bengals will be much better than that.

    ThatRichKid 81

    Sorry mb 5-11


    gothard5 yea you’re right they’ll go 3-12-1

Mari Breon

Seahawks win 32-14


    Same but I predicted 34-17 go Hawks!

    B Rus


    Jako Niko

    Bengals 27-16 over the Seahawks

Wes Takahashi

Bengals whole oline is hurt

A.K. Vollmer

Who Dey 💪🏻

    Colin Formichella

    bengals 28-13


    Bengals 24 – 21

J Stiles

Seahawks wins 37-17

Ben Adek

Key for Seattle this game and the rest of the season is unleash Russell Wilson and the passing game . It’s about time Seattle stops handcuffing the offense with play calling mediocrity


    They pretty much already said they learned their lesson after that stupid cowboys game 👍

    Jack Marlow

    earthatom7 facts, they could’ve won that game smh

    Jack Marlow

    And beaten the Rams and prolly would have lost the saints

Coaster Productions

NFL gotta day it nicely but bengals gonna get clapped

Doc Brown

Bengals 20 Seahawks 23

Branden colyar

Seahawks 24 Bengals 13

Sean Bozeman

Seahawks 27
Bengals 13


The Seahawks are gonna be dangerous this year and only gonna get stronger after week 6

    Justified Ego

    Maybe a little, but that won’t be nearly enough to counteract the rest of the several flaws of the bengals laughable roster, stop kidding yourself.

    Jako Niko

    @Justified Ego Dalton, Green, Mixon, Gio, Boyd, Uzomah, Eifert, Willis, Erickson, etc on offense plus William Jackson, Shawn Williams, Dunlap, Atkins, Billings, Bates, Dennard, Brown, and several other damn good players on defensive line, etc etc as the Bengals are one of the most talented teams in the league as their offensive line will be their question mark as if they play good they’ll win alot of games, and Seattle same thing as your offensive line could be a real problem Sunday against this elite Bengals pass rushing unit

    Justified Ego

    @Jako Niko Some of those names are a real reach. I agree with your point to an extent, but I have confidence will be much better at managing their own flawed roster mostly because they are more top heavy and have been a proven organization with solid coaching and management over the years with an established competitive culture, can’t say the same for the bengals in recent years.

    Jako Niko

    @Justified Ego injuries is the biggest problem That’s plagued the Bengals in recent year’s as they just can’t stay healthy as the last time they was healthy was 2015, and had Dalton not broke his thumb after a 10-1 start including 8-0 then i think Bengals could’ve won the super bowl that season but idk man we’ll have to see Sunday as seattle is a beast at home for any team much less a semi rebuild with an all new coaching staff, and missing our best receiver, and starting left tackle but it is what it is no excuses just good football as may the best team Win, and no serious injuries on either team👍

Michelle Ezeugo

Seahawks 23
Bengals 10
Go Seattle Seahawks. Let’s do this

James s

As a Seahawks fan I know we will win this one. Go hawks 😁

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