Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Osrsmaster1267 Joseph

Steelers: oh man. Bengals: finally someone we can beat

    Mark Symbala

    go Saints

Matthew Shortle

Prepare yourselves…for TANK BOWL!

    memba memba memba

    it cant be a tank bowl since pits is trying not to tank( Doing a bad job of it).

    Matthew Shortle

    @memba memba memba Tree already considered it a Tank Bowl. Guess we’ll see.

    That Football Guy

    Steelers have nothing to tank for. They gave up their first round pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick😂

    OsoArrogant 1

    @That Football Guy MINKAH was worth it.

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

This Monday night game is going to be insane, the battle of the 0-3 teams!

    Art Artsa

    UrinatingTree: Prepare yourselves…*For A TANK BOWL!!!*


    watch these teams tie and still go winless


Later of the last week. The steelers could defeat the bengals. 17-16, and yes, this will be the first tank bowl of the season….


    Except that Steelers traded their picks already, so no reason to participate in tank bowl.

Stan ezen

The Winless Bowl clocks in for primetime y’all. Franchise QB-less 0-3 Steelers desperate for their first win. Despite their struggle they are rarely dealing with an L to rivals of Cincinnati ilk. Bengals are off beat and out of the musical chair match altogether but can they clock in a W in front of a large home crowd? My take?:


    Colin Formichella

    Bengals win 60-14

Austin Madore

I can’t wait to not watch this game

Stacey Guy

Steelers record 11- 8

    Colin Formichella

    Stacey Guy Steelers record 0-16 😆😆😆😆😆

Stacey Guy

Bengals record 0 – 13

    Colin Formichella

    Correction: steelers record 0-16 (Winless)

Mark Symbala

Can the Steelers actually lose to the bumgals?

    Colin Formichella

    @Mark Symbala Yes

Hokies/Cavs At Best

Steelers- 38
Bengals- 10

Big Ben’s imaginary friend throws 5 TDs

Rocky Lee

Steelers 32-21 Bengals

    Virgil Roberts

    Bengals 27-17 Steelers

Daniel Sahagun

28-17 Steelers

Tenno Tube2

21-16 Bengals

Virgil Roberts

Bengals 24 10 Steelers

Todd Klein

Ok talk about what looks to be a very boring MNF game two winless teams I’d rather watch paint dry it ge more interesting based on how these two teams have played

    Quality Records

    my bet is that its going to be a field goal game


imagine struggling so hard that your teams focus is to not go 0-4 rather than just focusing on the game…


Bengals have a legit chance to beat my steelers lol. either way if they do lose to them it’ll be a step closer to getting a better coaching staff. #HereWeGo

    Colin Formichella

    Yaahboi52 #WhoDey ,#NewDey,#SeizeTheDey

    Colin Formichella

    Bengals win this

Jesse Williams




Meteor Smash

Bengals 26
Steelers 29

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