Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills Week 3 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

If the Bills start 3-0…

AlisaBosconovich Reply

Bills 27
Bengals 13

Yuigahama Yui Reply

3-0!! We know what’s coming in week 4 so let us enjoy it while it lasts..

    The Way Reply

    Yuigahama Yui hey, ya never know… this is a new era. I’m not assuming a home loss to the pats. Last year the defense really held Brady in check, and this year the offense is much better..

    William Patmann Reply

    Yuigahama Yui we helped you guys make the playoffs once why not again

    The Way Reply

    William Patmann lol

American Sports Fan Reply

I actuallt want the bills to win. 3-0 start would help them MAYBE make the playoffs as a wild card

    WorldIsFilledB Reply

    Bills are a good team

    Jonny Snipes Reply

    Bills are going to the playoffs. They have the easiest schedule. They may even win the division

    Revealing Storm Reply

    @Jonny Snipes over the Pats?

    John Wagz Reply

    @Jonny Snipes they can never have the easiest schedule in the league when they play the number 1 ranked team twice… and based off the way the league sets schedules I believe only 4-6 games are flexed based off prior year performance and they were not the worst last year either

    Adriel Jeremiah Green #GreenAsInGo #18 Reply

    Jonny Snipes yeah the patriots look like the 2007 patriots rn. A great offense and a great defense. I know it’s only week 3 but…. they might go 16-0 again 😂😂 and this time they won’t have the giants to stop them

Andrew Hampton Reply

Must win for the Bills this week. Week 4 is going to be a problem.


    Andrew Hampton oh most definitely not beating the patriots but will beat the bengals

    spicy food chaser Reply

    @NICHOLAS DZIEDZIC there is always room for upset. I believe that the bills can stop and beat the patriots.

    spicy food chaser Reply

    You do have to remember that brady has a calf injury is listed as questionable.

    Joe Davis Reply

    We could have beat them both times last year! But just didn’t play well enough to!

    Samuel Young Reply

    spicy food chaser I love that belicheck lists all those guys as questionable every game

Mike Jay Reply

The bills got this game 27-14

zmon 8426 Reply

Bills win 24-14

Doc Brown Reply

Bengals 20 Bills 24

I am Groot Reply

Buffalo starts 3-0 and we still wont get talked about on sports shows but they will have 3-4 segments on one person but its cool keep doubting us #BillsMafia

    spicy food chaser Reply

    If the bills upset the pats they will gain massive respect

    Nick Lepsch Reply

    I am Groot ….right!…I’m sick of it…we’ll get ours when we beat the patriots….

    Russell Hare Reply

    SSSHHH!!.. Let the experts underrate the Bills. I am making a killing betting on them. Bills will cover the spread again!!

    WorldIsFilledB Reply

    @spicy food chaser thanks captain obvious

Zachary Dunham Reply

Josh Allen is our Lord and savior

    Stan ezen Reply

    BUF 31
    CIN 17

Steve Abitante Reply

Bills Win This Cupcake Affair @ Home 27-10

TreyJames 19 Reply

I should pick the Bills because they the better team on paper so…………. I will.
Bills win 30-16

Trvs Reply

Sean McDermott might be the most underrated coach in the NFL.

The Mamushka Reply

3-0 Buf vs 3-0 NE would be awesome.

    TheOmiester Reply

    Yeah it would cause I’m going to that game. Go BILLS!

TheDarthHobbes Reply

It wasn’t a “New York Sweep” by the Bills. It was. “New Jersey Sweep”!

    Isaiah Ling Reply

    TheDarthHobbes yeah but those “new jersey” teams are what make the state of New York relevant in the NFL. Sorry to say.

TohsakaMine Reply

With the bills secondary and how loose Dalton is with the ball im gonna say 38-10 bills and the defense will score one touchdown.

Nerd 0208 Reply

I think you mean New Jersey sweep. And Bills should win this game, but there’s never a guarantee in the NFL. Week 4 will be the biggest challenge so far.

    LegendaryDN Reply

    You must be stupid. New York Jets/Giants are ftom NY everybody knows this. Just because they play in NJ doesn’t mean they from there. Bills Stadium is not even in Buffalo. So why you talking stupid. Plus Jets used to play in shea stadium.

    Nerd 0208 Reply

    LegendaryDN yeah, at least the Bills stadium is in the same state of which they play. New Jersey Jets/Giants are not even in the same state. Bills are the only team that play in NY. Period.

Jon Allen Reply

Joe Nixon isn’t doing bad because of an injury, he’s doing bad because he is getting touched on average at .3 yards per play. That means be can barely get to the line of scrimage without hands on him. That’s terrible.

Jemel Moore Reply

Pay the Bills…they win 24 to 9

Tristan Wright Reply

Bengals fan checking in. 2-14 here we come. #who dey

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