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joneth piptne

And dominate they did… straight smashed the Vikings…this the best defense hands down….🐻⬇️

    Drew TheViper

    “Statistically” we’re ranked 5 but uh….yeah we number 1


    statistically, we’re doing better than the 85 bears D did right now through the first 4 games


Enough with Roquan. God damn. He will play when he plays

    Chairman Meow

    I keep hearing its a mental issue. The guy has done nothing wrong and deserves some privacy to deal with it, and honestly I think the Bears are doing a great job protecting him.


    Exactly the media is pathetic

Chairman Meow

Fangio who?


    I said that last year

    D Greene

    You know, the head coach of the Broncos that is 0-4 right now.

    D Greene

    @GT Extra Don’t cry. It is all in good fun. I feel for Fangio. He has yet to have much of a hand in developing his roster. Tough losses for the Broncos. Hopefully the management is smart enough to not make him the scapegoat.


Pagano > fangio


    I said that last year

Yu Toob

He looks like Mitch Trubisky 30 years later

    Kevin Moy

    Yu Toob i can definitely see it 💀


They ask such stupid questions sometimes

    Drew TheViper

    Now i know why Marshawn Lynch didn’t wanna answer anything. These questions are just abysmal

- lXlXlXl

the first non roquan question the dude could barely get it out, like he was the bullet taker for switching the subject off it haha

De'Shawn Thornton

Is it me or does this defense seem better with him? Fangio was a great DC but he had more of a bend don’t break defense. Pagano has a more aggressive and attacking defense. I haven’t seen Floyd or Mack dropping into coverage at all. We still have the most dominant defens win the league


    I said for months Chuck was better than Vick and bear fans wanted Vick to be head coach lol

    De'Shawn Thornton

    PRHILL9696 were they really saying that? I never heard that personally

    kyle king

    Facts with Pagano our D is on Go mode all 4 quarters 💯😈


    @De’Shawn Thornton yes a lot!

    De'Shawn Thornton

    PRHILL9696 that’s crazy. But regarding fangio just because he’s a good coordinator does not mean he’s gonna be a good head coach. Not everybody is cut out to be a head coach.


I told everyone Chuck was better than Fangio! And bear fans wanted fangio to be our Head coach LOL

    First name Paris

    PRHILL9696 me too dude I knew they wouldn’t regress

Raymond Brolly

Defence is straight up balling.

Dalvin Cooks highlights this week were getting swimmed and ran over by Kwiakowski. ( 2 of the nicest plays I have seen ).

Hope 58 is getting better.

Darville Leonard

broncos should of gone for chuck

Kevin Tross

As a fan I’m tired of Roquan questions and I’m not even on the team. Life moves on. As coach Chuck said “we’re onto Oakland.”

Terrel Ada

Yessss we found a Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano!!! It sucks to be Fangio right now!!!

Jamison Anderson

Pagano has an upper hand over fangio by being a one time head coach and becoming a DC..this bears D is phase 2 of an already frightening Defense

Travis Coburn

Update on Hicks ???

ChuckandLydia Goering

I love this guy… Pagono ( if you look up freak in the dictionary you will see a picture of mack) ear to ear grin the whole inteview, while letting the media know how dumb they are and how dumb the questions they ask are!!! BEAR DOWN!!!

erick Rodriguez

Defense is totally been dominating monsters of the midway baby 🐻🔽

Edward Meunier

Ryan Pace is Great

First name Paris

I knew our defense would not regress thanks pagano for proving me right !! Love his energy on the sideline fangio was never that fired up and it’s showing on his broncos team let’s go bear down

Edward Meunier

You don’t get what you want in life, you get what you deserve. Chuck P

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