Chuck Pagano on Robertson-Harris: He’s got game-wrecker ability – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Cody Dugan

I don’t think the void left by Vic Fangio could have been filled any better than with Chuck Pagano.


    he did better against Rodgers than Vick ever did

    William Frye

    I agree

    Magic Trick88

    He’s got the skill and look

    Nb B182

    @PRHILL9696 Different circumstances, Rodgers playing his first game in a new offense.

Micah King

Chuck is going to end up elevating this defense to higher levels!!


I used to hate Chuck as a head coach but man as a defensive coordinator…he’s a legend

    Jimmy Marroquin

    I know right after 1 game hes going to go in the hall of fame as a defensive coordinator what a legend!


    Jimmy Marroquin now you sound like a tard I’m talking about his career you jackass that’s if he leads us to the playoffs

    Magic Trick88

    When chuck was HC you have to look at the team skill he had.


    Well yeah… defense is his specialty… that’s why I was annoyed at people bashing him


    Magic Trick88 yeah that’s true it’s been a while since I’ve looked back on the colts under Pagano


Deon Bush should NOT have been in the game covering jimmy graham on the touchdown instead of haha Clinton dix idc what this guy says!!!! Unacceptable! That was the game smh

    Magic Trick88

    Bush fucked up twice that drive. Live learn move on. The defense didn’t lose the game the offense did.

    Jamari Riddick

    Deon Bush looked good in preseason. He’s still a back up but if HaHa wasn’t in, I rather Bush be in than DHC

    Christian Solid

    This is not the game to blame the defense, yes Bush allowed the TD but they only allowed 1 friekn touchdown…omg just sayng they allowed one td and still lost makes me feel sick to my stomach 🤢

    Jamari Riddick

    lol without that td, we’d be 0-0-1 rn. Or still 0-1. We probably would’ve lost in ot with a field goal. When was the last time we gave up only 10 points to Rodgers. We was supposed to win. A bears offense lead by Trubisky only scored 3 points 3 times. Twice in Trubiskys rookie years vs the panthers (the Eddie Jackson game), and against the Eagles, which was the super bowl champs later that season. Then the packers this year. I hope it’s just rust and he’ll get loose as the season go

Lamuel J Sackson

Looks like the Bears D regressed just as everyone predicted lol oh wait never mind 🐻⬇️

Kevin Tross

This group is so talented. I’ve never seen a Bears defense this good in the last 20 years. The D-Line is absolutely fantastic. These guys are just nasty

    Cornelius Squalls

    They’re the best since 85! Just hope the offense can contribute enough so they don’t waste this once in a generation defense! Go Bears!

Dirk Nowitzki

Trubisky and Nagy will find a way for the bears to lose against Denver

    C Pop

    Dirk Nowitzki Well see

    Joshua Phillips

    You haven’t been paying attention. Though I will say that Nagy cost us game 1. He will correct it.

Patrick Mitchell

Pagano is the best.

Cornelius Squalls

No offense to Fangio, But the offense that plays this defense still has to block them and that I don’t see that happen! As a matter of fact, with Nichols, Robertson Harris, Floyd and Roquan all getting better this defense won’t regress it’ll be off the chart! It’s time to Bear down!

Ryan ???

Please more of Mack and Floyd on the same side….it causes mismatch nightmares for the oline

Joshua Phillips

Double team Sutton, that’s all they got. Philip Lindsay is not gonna run between the tackles. Nor out side them.

Drake Bell

My boy Floyd lookin prime. BEAR DOWN

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