Christian Wilkins says he’s not planning on “rolling over” for anyone – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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william harmon Reply

Stop putting words into the player’s and coaches mouth’s reporter’s.
Coach never said anything about tanking and rebuilding so stop trying to create friction.
It’s fckn obvious what we are trying to do.
We can’t let the other teams know our goal or who we want to draft or tank for.
Shut the hell up and let us play the season.

    Theo Butts Reply

    william harmon Facts. These beat writers annoying AF!!!!

    Jae Crae Reply

    All we need is for the dolphins to believe in themselves that’s all that counts. It don’t matter what so ever if no one else believes in us. It’s so much sweeter to see the looks on they faces when we win.

Ryan Minnis Reply

Keep disrespecting its fuel

    Crank Bait Reply

    Ryan Minnis whered you get that from Star Wars

Ryan Minnis Reply

That helps that he has seen Lamar multiple times I cant wait to see this guy when it matters

Karen Setzer Reply

Awesome! Most competitive mindset

Hakeem Muhammad Reply

You see, now, that’s what we’re’ standing for. That’s, what we’re talking about. If we’re keeping score, we want to win the damn game whatever it takes. Truth comes out of the mouth of a rookie who just happens to be not only wise beyond his years of age, but perhaps also a future hall of fame-er. With two first-rounders in the next two drafts and a bevy of other picks in both of them, I’m just as optimistic about the present as I am the future. NOW RUN TELL THAT!

    Jae Crae Reply

    100%agree with that. Of course we’re probably going to trade some of these picks for players but our future is very bright.

Danny G Reply


Out of many One Reply

Making the Phins Great Again.

George Arthur Reply

Ridiculous media…..always trying to create a narrative to spruce up some attention. We ain’t gonna tank. Dolphin fans got faith in our team. And I really believe Flores and Grier has a long term plan in motion. Wilkins spoke the truth. He and everyone else in that locker room ain’t rolling over for anyone. FINS UP!!

Mike Pelligrino Reply

Can he play QB?

alonzo1975 Reply

Who’s side are these reporters REALLY on? Every question’s a Got-Dang set up!

Ryan Minnis Reply

oh and Wilkens who we wasted a 13th overall for was a complete ghost as i predicted he would be

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