Christian Wilkins focused on keeping a positive mindset – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Pete Martinez

He’s so mad his lips turned red

Peterson Ferland

Is his lip busted or is it the camera?

    Finz Daily With Matthew

    Peterson Ferland fax I see that to

    Todd D

    It’s lipstick…possible humiliation ritual..freemasonry ritual for these sodomites

Maher Justice

He and Baker speak like true leaders, they are our future

    America Reigns


    Luis Gonzalez

    Unless they ask to be traded like other dolphins players have done.

Gaza Boi

Poor Christian he look uncomfortable in Miami… the fun loving athletic monster at Clemson he was jumping with joy every play ion think he gonna get that feeling back for a while

Enoch Eyim-Danquah

Fins up, keep grinding you are part of the future!

    America Reigns

    You trippin

Baatdad 71

Fins up 🐬. No where to go from here but up. We will get better. #Franchise QB in 2020 or 2021

Chris Torrado

Nah he’s wearing lipstick…. LMAO 😆

    Tha Dude


cLiTeR aBlAzE

Can we all agree. FITZ SUCKS please put in Rosen. I mean 3 picks and two pick 6s come on.

    Juan Valladares

    One was NOT his fault! Blame Ballage! He also ducked a screen pass!

    Corey Brown

    @Juan Valladares the white boi Laird from Cal is nice !.. I would like to see him get some touches for sure👍🏾

    America Reigns


    Juan Valladares

    America Reigns FitzTRAGIC

    Zac Coerse

    Marky Mark It’s not like we are competitive with Fitztragic dude or Incase you couldn’t tell we’re off to a historically bad start. I don’t think Rosen will win us games but at least put him out there and see what we have in him before we draft Tua

Mark Jefferson

Love his positive attitude! He and Howard are the future and core of the defense!

Kevin G

He’s gonna be something special. He’s got s good head on his shoulders. I know this season is terrible and only just started but next year is gonna be exciting to see how they assemble this time with all the cap space and draft picks.

Michael Abrook

Its always frustrating being a dolphins fan year after year ..just gotta hope the draft talent we get helps this cursed miami team

Marvell Cunningham

Man i know this hurts alot but hang in there…

Shaggy Drummond

The defense played pretty good. It is the offensive line that sucks. If your o line sucks the offense sucks. Even if u have great players on offense.

    Mr. Carol City

    Fitz holds the ball too long.


    @Mr. Carol City
    And he holds on his career too long :B

Marky Mark

I just worry about negativity setting in and bad habits setting in lost after lost..loosen atmosphere is tough on all teams..

Finfan 4 Finfan

Great attitude stay positive future pro bowler players like him make me proud to be a fin fan

Shaggy Drummond

I predict the offensive coordinator will be fired after week four maybe the o line coach too



Donald Johnson

43-0 Speaks for itself, Much work to be done.

Andres Grimace

Defense was playing ok, but the offense just sucked, 3 and out all game and that’s besides the interceptions. All that just killed us.

Chauncey Roberts

This is a smart, young man. Love his mindset. We need the whole team to take this approach now that things are rough. Keep fighting.

Day Be Trippin

This team is a Joke 😭😂😂😂 lmao

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