Christian Shares His Off Field Passion | Out Of Bounds – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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David Ruelas Reply


esterixis Reply

Will this become a regular feature? I like it; gives us a little insight into the players!👍

    Lisa Charisse Matthews Reply

    Yes it will! Thank you!

    Francisco Garcia Reply

    I agree !!

Brad P Reply

I’m glad I havnt seen the team do the team photo celebration. Everyone’s doing it now, and its jus not our style.

StreetTruckinTitan Reply

The lovely Lisa Matthews.

    James FromAZ Reply

    StreetTruckinTitan right 😍

Mauro Saldana Reply

Zips is an all time great ! Wings !

Albert Ornelas Reply

U r my favorite wr on madden second Larry Fitzgerald

James FromAZ Reply

Can you believe some people don’t know who Lisa Matthews is

James FromAZ Reply

Ravens won’t see us coming, there can only be one #birdgang

    DobbyTheDachshund Reply

    Amen 🤝

Paul G Reply

Love watching Christian Kirk grow into an outstanding
NFL receiver. He will do it too. No Zips here in FL.
but going to the Carolina game if I am able and will look it up!
Fun interview! .Go CARDINALS!

Chad D Reply

Lisa is hotter than our cheerleaders.

Derek Castillo Reply

Them boobies tho 🤤

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