Christian McCaffrey’s HUGE Day w/ 153 Yards | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Emperor Palpatine

One of the best running backs this year for fantasy

Owen Raefield

Mccaffery is such a good rb.


This is why I took this guy 1st overall in Fantasy. Does everything.

    Zohaib Rao

    @Tyler Garza only idiots don’t pick RBs first (unless it’s like Hopkins or Julio)

    KevinKnox Playlist

    @Zohaib Rao facts. I drafted Hopkins first but I was 6th to pick. Have a good team tho. Looking like an easy 3-0 start


    I got him first in the draft also he kinda cost me in week 2 tho 7pts…


    KÏÑG PÈŚÖ mark my words. That week 2 will be his worst game.

    KevinKnox Playlist

    @kso123 of his career

IGiveEffects _

Aye we are the ogs of this video before it gets 1,000,000 views

    Eat Your Socks

    Yes sir

    Jeremy Helms



    IGiveEffects _ that’ll take a longgg time

    Zohaib Rao

    It’s not getting a million views 😂

Anoop Pillai

STOP putting him in when you are up by two scores Ron!!
He might get hurt or drained if you keep playing him 95% of the snaps.

    Mikey Johnson

    He’s going to run CMC into the ground just like he did Cam.

    A Whale

    Anoop Pillai He Probably didn’t want to get too conservative like he has in the past

    Buck Nasty

    FEED HIM!!

    Evan H.

    Mikey Johnson he didn’t run Cam into the ground lol. Cam wouldn’t have a job if he didn’t run often. We’ve seen enough years to know what his arm does.

Alpha Swag

Christian McCaffrey, one of the most slept-on players in the whole NFL.

    Shane Painter

    I agree. He plays so hard

Escocivo 30

The Panthers are overusing him

    I Trust Me

    Hes all the really have anymore


    For real this dudes brain is gonna be cole slaw before he turns 25

    Lee Brown

    ben no

    YOUNg Geezerrr

    He’s a workhorse, even in college he was like this but ya it’ll take a toll on him eventually just not anytime soon

Joshua Eugster

Badgers just dicked down this mans little brother

Sam S.

Best RB in the league right now.


    U must be white

    Sam S.

    TwArDxL no just a realist

    King Draco

    @TwArDxL he is must be hating black person

Eat Your Socks

Best running back in the league. 💪💪👀👀💪💪🔥🔥🔥


    Sound Logic dalvin cook has to play a full season first he’s not better than CMC anyways tho you tripping

    TeMpT Monsta

    Eat Your Socks Ezekiel Elliot, Saquon Barkley, Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara are better than him.

    Eat Your Socks

    You could argue Saquon and zeke but cmc better than Kamara and cook


    Eat Your Socks thank you

Eat Your Socks

It feels good to finally pull out a win. It’s been a while

David O

With speed like that no wonder Madden 20 thought CMC was black

Eat Your Socks

Where are the people who said he couldn’t run between the tackles.


    Some tried to say he didn’t have power. With a 37.5 inch vertical jump, you have power in the legs.


Remember when they said he was gonna be a bust? Pepperidge farm remembers


    just remember the jags had the chance to pick him instead they got fournette .


    @pluperw they are kicking themselves now

Ryan Long

Everybody in the comments has this guy on their fantasy team. Let’s all give ourselves a pat on the back fellas.




That form on that long run when he realized it was now a race was perfect lol


McCaffrey is exciting because you feel like he could break a long TD run at any time.

Bo Rood

Hasn’t been a white RB this good since Craig James.


People need to put some respect on this mans name


2nd best running back after Zeke.

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