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Dark Demonik

The thumbnail I did not know my Jets lost to the Rams today 😂

    L D

    @Dark Demonik nope not a browns fan, but the bills are terrible and yall had a 14 point lead 😂

    Dark Demonik

    @L D So did you convert back to the Patriots bandwagon again clown? 😁😁😁

    L D

    @Dark Demonik saying I’m a fan of different teams isn’t a good defence lol, never been a browns or patriots fan.

    Dark Demonik

    @L D thanks for proving me right have a nice day ma’am 😂

    L D

    @Dark Demonik how did I prove your point?

Syed Ali

That’s the jets?.? Umm that’s kinda wrong

Steel Chin

This guy is something special! His ability to play snap after snap is incredible. He is a machine😤😤

    John Drake

    You are so right about that, this guy’s motor is of the charts.

    He’s, essential, a number one Slot Receiver, on top of being a Blue-Chip Back.

    Looks stronger this year, breaking tackles all over the place.

    Now, that he can hurt em’ in the A-gap, defenses won’t be able to cheat to the outside anymore.

    Super Dangerous Weapon

    Brotherly Gaming

    Steel Chin no cap he better then Zeke and is y’all think different your trippen he may be the best half back in the nfl with Barkley of course. but this man mccaffrey is a monster

    Brotherly Gaming

    Steel Chin too be fair though he does work harder then them all and at the same time probably is on ped but so is everyone so who cares

    Lee Brown

    Brotherly Gaming yep 👍

    Aidan Errrbes

    Steel Chin reminds be of a white Barry Sanders but with more pass catching ability, not saying he’s as good as Barry was but they are pretty similar players

Tosh T

209 yards and he almost broke Eric Weddle’s neck.

Anoop Pillai

2200 yds and 18 TDs incoming. Wish the Panthers win the Super Bowl as that is mostly what Christain wants rather than self glory.

    andrew barone

    Not to mention he’ll probably get a perfect passer rating this season

    Aidan Errrbes

    Anoop Pillai I think he’ll get anywhere from 18-22 TD’s this year

S Garris

Dude got huge! He’s pretty much unstoppable now

Long Wang

Wait no one told me McCaffrey got traded to the Rams.

Aiden Benavidez

Looks like the jets have a double header today.🤣🤣


Thanks for the fantasy points CM Good game


Best Back in the NFL. Barkely is number 2, but Christian could be an elite WR with his route running, feet and hands. He’s a 1000 rushing yards and 1000 receiving yards constantly every season guy even if he you aren’t feeding him the ball

    Lee Brown

    Brotherly Gaming yes he is 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Brotherly Gaming

    Lee Brown yes he is what the best cuz that’s kinda what I said I said one of the best if not the best

    K Mula


    Israel Doe

    Imagine kamara getting the ball as much as him. Kamara first 4 games last year was set to break damn near every record when Mark Ingram was out.

    Josh H

    Hold your horses. How can you not have Kamara in this picture with Christian and Saquon. Kamara has rivaled what these guys have done sharing the ball 90% of his career. Christian and Saquon haven’t

i astrothunder

gonna hurt his back carrying the team gah damn

Rory C

They can’t contain this monster. He’s better than Elliot imo

    Israel Doe

    @rob p and Christian have a running quarterback whice takes pressure off of him. Basically they got to focus on him and cam that’s having two runners in the back field at all times that the team have to focus on that makes it harder for the linebackers to focus on just him. While with the saints all they have to worry about is kamara coming out of the backfield

    Israel Doe

    @rob p and dude you talking about college kamara really even play college so you can’t compare that. We talking about the NFL anyway college records shouldn’t even be brought up. Hell Tim tebo broke college records for God sake 😭

    Israel Doe

    And once again look at the usage rate. And he still neck for neck with him. Imagine if kamara get 25 touches a game his numbers would be crazy. He shared the ball with other running backs and quarteback taysom hill

    rob p

    @Israel Doe That’s exactly right. McCaffrey is all the Panthers have. Everyone knows McCaffrey is getting the ball and they still can’t stop him.

    rob p

    @Israel Doe If you want to talk about NFL records, McCaffrey caught more passes than any NFL back in history in just his second year. And to top that off he didn’t drop a single pass. The guy has glue hands .

ColdCase File32

1:40 y’all see CMC put the fist down to protect the fingers 💪🏽💪🏽

    Ray Cordova

    Reasons why our guy only missed ONE game his ENTIRE FOOTBALL CAREER

    Frank Woods

    His awareness is unreal

Giovanni Pantorno

Hes my darkhorse pick for MVP.

Johnny Kessler

Not the best white running back in the league but the best running back in the league period!

    Harley Trujillo

    What does white have to do with football? Why does race matter? How about he is a good football player.

Near Media

Yet everyone still talks about gurley, elliot, and saquon while this guy ALWAYS shows up.

    Lee Brown

    Dierron Dean 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Lee Brown

    It’s yah boyKe no L

    Damian Joni

    I just feel bad that their gonna waste his career in Carolina lol

    Josh H

    Kamara, Christian and Saquon are my 3 best RBs in the NFL. Cowboys RBs are a product of that OL.

    Damian Joni

    @Josh H I dont recall mccaffery staring off as a bell cow. Also all three of the rbs put up stats cause of the lack of talent . They need to catch the ball in the back field since they sadly are on 7 win teams . Sure zeke has the o line but dont take away how they produce. To me all three of those teams are doing a disservice to their qbs and rbs. Out of all 4. Zeke will have the longer runningback life span. Yoi could also argue zeke never had to catch out the back field and still could’ve lead the lead in rushing yards 3 straight years. With the new offensive coordinator in Kellen more going for deep passes and running with dak. But I still expect zeke to out last all three in the next 3 years as far as production. The only exception is the saints since they have sean Payton’s but if you wanna go down that road. Let’s talk about the rumors and his past comments of wanting to at some point play with the cowboys. With jason garret in what might be his last year its plausible just not likely. To me anyone would be happy to have zeke. And all four are really interchangeable. Great hands . Great vision. Great speed and power. But if I had to say the most well rounded . Solely off how much zeke helps in the pass blocking I think is the stark difference. And anyone that says kamara . Mccaffery. Or gurley is a better blocker is lying

Daniel Tayong

He is like Marshall Faulk. Dynamic in the running and passing game!

vin russo

Retired RB Johathon Stewert said “You have talent no one has seen before” in a tweet to mccaffery. He must have seen something when they were teammates, cause he’s getting better and better.

SmithN' Wesson

So many people doubted him simply because he’s white. Claimed he was too small and couldn’t run between tackles. Now hes a top 5 back and maybe the most dynamic playmaker in the game. Guy has an insane motor 🔥

REAl REAction

I only watch the Panthers to see McCaffrey shred everyone

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