Christian McCaffrey Turns on the Afterburners for a 76-Yd TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Why is the thumbnail “Smackdown” on Fox

Salah Zaki

People sleeping on em

Adam Martinez

So early they had “smackdown” as the thumbnail


    I’m a small guy who makes nfl videos take a look👍

Yelloh Pello

Christian McCaffrey the type of dude to put a blanket over his ps4 when it’s on rest mode


    It’s not, welcome to the internet, where it’s the same jokes over and over for easy likes

    lil 3rey

    yeah real smart just to start a fire..

    Lucid Cactus

    I don’t get it but it has 86 likes so it must be funny so I like also. Am I a sheep person yet?


    I do that so dust dosent get on it

    Drayfin Mania

    I was thinking about an Xbox controller I don’t know why I’m commenting this


Coming from an Aint’s fan, this man’s beast!

    Eat Your Socks

    Respect. Atleast the falcons ain’t winning the division

Junior Stil

Most Underrated RB in the game!

    real j

    Gabriel no they got Barkley, kamara, bell, Elliot, mccaffrey #5

    Frantz Lenin

    Lol how is he underrated

    Jaylon Swanston7

    @Gabriel top 1

    Lucid Cactus

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT , *Top 10

    Buck Nasty

    @real j bell is overrated, so is Zeke. McCaffrey is #2 behind Saquan

mau s

I love Panthers!! fan México…

    John Negrete

    Half Mexican head coach

    mau s

    @John Negrete Ron Rivera 🙂
    my favorite player super Cam 1, but I like the team in general and the institution.


His running form is perfect and doesn’t break down which allows him to maintain the same speed all the way down the field.


    You are right! He runs just like his dad, Easy Ed.

    No days off

    helmet could balance a fruit bowl

Cullen Miller

When he gets ready to stiff-arm #33 it looks like he is waving him goodbye.

Reesey Trapgod2018

Bruh put out a stiff and didnt even need it….thats me on madden

Billy Helton

Olsen with a great block!!!

M Pan

Christian McCaffrey’s guns are so big, Beto’s gonna try and administer him a government buyback.

    john wheeler

    Beto sucks

    Bobby Johnson

    Yes haha


Its been a long time since I seen a white dude make black dudes look slow.. Sheesh!

    Greg Kowalsky

    I totally agree with you. There a thousands of white athletes out there that never get the opportunity because they are only allowed to play QB, TE and Kicker. Can’t you see how desirous the NFL is to have African Americans take over every position, see QB.


    @Greg Kowalsky Zach Zenner had 3 straight 2,000 yard rushing seasons in college (never been done), averaged almost 7 yards per carry….as well as great receiving and td numbers…along with good size and somehow goes undrafted. Then proceeds to get picked up off the scrap heap and leads all running backs in preseason. But was never even a second string rb. Impossible! Just impossible. That guys needs to start a lawsuit againstthe NFL.

    Ryan Nurmi

    tim dwight was the last one I remember


    @Ryan Nurmi I guess you missed Chris Hogan setting playoff records the past few years.

    I Like Waffles

    Lol at all these white people in the comments crying about being treated unfairly, try being black.


Dudes a beast him and Kamara are my favourite running backs to watch.

    I Like Waffles

    MrOasis316 Dalvin Cook is fun as hell to watch too

Derrick Hall

McCaffrey went: 🏃‍♂️💨

Man’s a freaking beast!! 🔥🔥🔥

Nick Vadella

Bro that cut on the safety was cold🥶

Eat Your Socks

Best running back in the league. 💪💪💪

Patriota Funchalense

The best RB in the league.

lil 3rey

That QB change really helped us this Sunday.

    David McLaughlin

    How many snaps did you get in on?

Adhy Nugroho

I am no expert in running, but his running form looks great!

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