Christian McCaffrey Practices at Hogwarts | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Beast Mode Activated Reply


Kysan pinckney Reply

CMC 🔥🔥🔥

I Don't Know Man Reply


Michael Auberry Reply

What’s the over/under for McCaffrey next game? 30 touches and 220 yards or so dude is KILLING it this year

    Scott R Reply

    I think it will be over 220 with the extra added motivation of not playing that well in the first game against TB, and the way that one ended as well.

sharkonthewater Reply

Came from Brazil to see this dude shred those Bucs. Keep Pounding CMC!!

Hunna Capata Reply

What a humble guy. When one of the reporters made a comment about his back hurting from carrying the team you could see it irritated him. CMACC ATTACC

    C Dub Reply

    @Shad Sechrest Yeah, good call on Newton. I swear that guy asks dumb questions just to irritate the players and try to get a reaction out them. Good for Christian being Christian and blowing it off!

    Niraj Patel Reply

    when was that comment?

    Neake22 Reply

    @Shad Sechrest he’s the main reason why Cam gets ill about doing pressers. I think David spurred Cam in an article at one point.

    Hunna Capata Reply

    Niraj Patel 3:55 or so

    KevinKnox Playlist Reply

    That was the voice of David Newton. There are 32 reporters hired by ESPN, one for each team in the NFL. He’s been with the panthers a long time.

Masya Harvey Reply


Masya Harvey Reply


Jai Norman Reply

The best running back in national football league

BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu Reply

It’s amazing how popular football is becoming over there!

    KennithS Reply

    Here in the UK the NFL is becoming pretty big. The Panthers fanbase is pretty small here compared to say the bears or the dolphins, but I’m a proud British Panthers fan, and I’m so excited to go watch them play for the first time in person this sunday! #keeppounding

    PBMMG Trey Reply

    @KennithS hey what is your favorite football(soccer) Team

    That Guy Reply

    Are nfl games on regular antenna tv in London like in the USA

Playboi Polo Reply

I made a video getting 400 yards with Christian McCaffrey X factor activated in madden 20

junkratdaddy Reply

The Goat #CMCforMVP

clb Reply

He like stop asking questions.

clb Reply

He humble cuz he knows how they treat you when u don’t play so goid build u up then tear u down.

Josh N Reply

🤘🤘Keep pounding 💪

Shad Sechrest Reply

My boy locked in.

Unknown Forever Reply

I want to see panthers win a superbowl no matter if its cam or allen this team has the players to win one 💙🖤and a GREAT coach

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Colin Epps Reply

Arguably the hardest working man in football! Love this guy! #keeppounding

Kenneth Flowers Reply

Future MVP of the NFC!!!!!!

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