Christian Darrisaw College Highlights at Virginia Tech | 2021 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Christian Darrisaw College Highlights at Virginia Tech | 2021 NFL Draft

View college highlights of new Minnesota Vikings T Christian Darrisaw, the team's first round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

AP Photo

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Zayaan Jamil

I was very happy taking him at 14 so to trade back and still get him is INSANE skol


Rick Spielman working his magic! we have 4 3rd round picks now!

    Smooth Operator

    He could’nt make a 2nd rd pick appear instead of a 3rd?

Haoxien Yang

Rick is a genius


Great work. I wanted Slater but as soon as the Chargers got him and then we traded back while Vera-Tucker was still on the board told us that Spielman wanted Darrisaw. Great work getting the 3rds, now we can get a 2nd. 👍

Shane White

Slick Rick does it again



Smitty Werben Jaggerman-Jensen

I hate and love Rick both at the Same time

Dan Arnett

Bow-down….to Slick Rick! Knock em out the box Rick, knock em out Rick!

Mags Mobile

Let’s Go Christian Darrisaw #SKOL !!!!!!!!!!

Casey James

Yay we got Christian Darrisaw😁 now let’s hope Ezra turns out good, Garrett Bradbury steps it up and the Gaurd we draft turns out phenomenal too…Hopefully this young line of inexperienced players can block against good Defenses so Kirk Cousins can sit in the pocket longer🤪👍Add him too the long list of top draft Olineman


As long as he’s elite at pass-blocking I’m in


    He looked pretty impressive in this video…


    @pillowbugg This video showed like 2 pass-blocking snaps


    @dmn right, but he looked good in them…and run plays are more complicated.

    Neph God

    His stats show only 6 QB pressures allowed all season + no sacks or hits. For the 23rd pick we did good

Jake Tangedal

Honestly might be the best tackle in the draft

Brynn Cartelli Originals and Covers


Jack Boy Football

Silly Rick fooled me at first

Sean O

He holds a lot. He will not get away with that at this level.

Apple Jack

We should have got a better running back Cook is injured all the time your season is over everytime his hurt can’t believe you passed on a hall of fame running backs for Alabama #22 is incredible super star you are crazy out of your made fire all worker Tampa Bay has 2 Big running backs take notes clown’s

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