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Lazy Talon


    Scott Patenaude


Adangaming ___

Love the pats love your pick and mac!!!


The DL gonna be so beast

Antwone Perkins

Welcome to New England!!!

Erik S.uperPatriot

Great pick!
He wouldn’t of made it to #46


    Wouldn’t have*


    Just like Mac. If we didn’t take him at 15, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, or Washington would’ve moved up for him.


Defense is gonna be😈😈😈

    ashton luck

    cant say the same for the offense



Iram Zavala

Welcome to the new England Patriots

Jay Pitts

77 gave him a high five on the last play.

John Powis

Enjoyed that NEP!….CB makin’ pancakes…yum…yum! ….RTR and Let’s GOOOOOO!

Ethan Estrada


Nike Is Elite

I guess the patriots decided to go with the team Alabama look instead of team Rutgers or Michigan


    You go with what works

Jeff Christians

Top 20 player in the second round jeez what a steal let’s go pats

People's Independent Media Network

This is a steal. Patriots are back on their way to awesomeness.

    John Wick

    @ashton luck they signed your mom. Best “receiver” in the world.

    Ahmed Mohammed

    @RummHamProductions thank you for actually having knowledge and a brain unlike other people we need more people like you


    @Ahmed Mohammed No problem man. It’s what I do for a living, but I’m from New England and will always be a Patriots homer and fan.

    Watch for Shi Smith today hopefully or Micheal Carter. Shi Smith reminds me of a more athletic, bigger Malcolm Mitchell without the injury concerns, and Micheal Carter is literally James White 2.0

    Ahmed Mohammed

    @RummHamProductions ok yea I now him but I don’t know how he plays because I didn’t watch his highlights but yea I will keep a eye on him hopefully we get him but yea same im from mass and same thing with micheal Carter


    @ashton luck there are still many receivers on the board on day 3. This class is extremly deep. We dont need a #1 receiver right now, there was none in the draft after the 1st round who would be an instant #1 receiver, the best WR on day 2 was Elijah Moore and he went, #2 in the 2nd round, jets would not traded that pick. We need a slot guy, and there are still many on the board.

    In the NFL you need to be able to shut down the running game and last year we were not able to. Thats why we signed godchaux and thats why we drafted this big fella + he can get pressure on 3rd downs. Bill aint let teams like the 49ers and Miami again run for over 200+ yards against us. We get a 1st Round talent here in the 2nd round, whats your concern

Stephen K

1:31 this guy is terrifying lol

    peculiar being

    Fields saw his life flash before his eyes

Aaron Tidswell

Man this draft is great so far

    ashton luck

    what receiver we draft????? wait……..

Jack Moro

Top 5 Offense, Top 3 defense and the best Special Teams.


    @ashton luck but are offensive will be better than last year

    Jack Moro

    @ashton luck they have two Elite TE’s, three decent WR’s a perfect O Line at three really good RB’s.


    You must be talking about top 3 in the division 😂

    Jack Moro

    @Patrick says the Lions fan


    @Jack Moro yep. We had to clean house of of all the Boston boys 😂


#PatsNation Let’s Go Pats!

- Blythe

With Van Noy and the opt outs; now add this dude…I cannot wait to see the defense on fire this season!

Pro Sports Outlook

The Alabama to New England pipeline continues on Day 2! The Patriots add a talented defensive lineman after taking their new franchise QB last night.

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