Chris Tabor on Denver win: That was a roller coaster – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alexis Rodriguez

Bear down 🐻

Blue Bird

Tabor may have had a rough time in Cleveland, but he has certainly improved our kicking situation from Parkeys cut. Gotta love Eddys passion and attitude.

Magic Trick88

Just let him kick. Why limit him? Going for it 4 &10 instead of trying a 50yd kick? Cody wasn’t a victim of kicking out of his range he was missing 30s and low 40s

    T- Smooth

    Some Bear fans are morons. Did you not hear him say winds are a factor? Turf is a factor or dirt like in Oakland. Think about it..

Mr Incognito

I love seeing more players & coaches publicly acknowledging their faith in God. That isn’t near as easy as it used to be.

HamShanks !

I wish we could bring in another coordinator for ST. It’s been a struggle since we got Tabor, seems like guys forget how to block on PR so Cohen can’t run any back. Hopefully we see some improvement. Bear down.

    T- Smooth

    It’s not about blocking. It’s about teams adjusting to Cohen so he can’t kill them on special teams.

    HamShanks !

    @T- Smooth It just seems like any time there’s a punt guys get down there so fast that he needs to call a fair catch. That’s all I’m saying. There needs to be something to stop them from getting there that fast and it seems like we drop the ball on that

    T- Smooth

    @HamShanks ! Someone posted a replay of the game. There are some offensive line issues and Leno got ran over by a safety. The defense and special teams are carrying the offense. I think Nagy will fix the issues. I’m giving Mitch until the end of the year to see if he has regressed or excelled.

    HamShanks !

    @T- Smooth I can’t disagree with that. The defense is our best unit by far but I dont think offense or special teams are helping that much. You could say more the ST than offense because of Eddy money but the KR and PR haven’t been that great. There was a stat that said our average starting field position is at like the 20 yard line. That’s not optimal for a struggling offense.

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