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Alex Barber

Only positive thing about tonight.


    Ak ran the ball get too

Eric Jae

He’s a huge problem


Garbage time stats. He not good


    106 yards and 7 receptions sounds pretty good to me and everyone else.


    I mean maybe like 20 yards max and I was rooting for the Cardinals. Still played a great game I have to admit even tho I want my boy Dameon Pierce to win ORTY

    Wyatt B

    WTF did you just say

    Justin Credible Fantasy

    He caught most of his catches in the first half bro, what are you smoking. Olave has been very impressive this season so far and will only get better, you must be a salty panthers fan.


He’s a problem. Once the saints figure out their situations he’s gonna be leading them to super bowls


    Idk about all that but he’s good for sure





Lowell Pack




Ben Koru

Damn the Bears really needed him for Fields. Our GM blows

sky wri

“OLAVE” ha! more like “GOOD”….. gottem B)

Isaiah Prout

No ones talking about how defenses are making a comeback this year. This game is actually an outlier for this year. The average NFL score is the lowest it’s been since 2009 and the average TD scored is the lowest since 2006. You can’t just roll any offense out now a days and score the defenses are too good, and what I see is a lot of really good defenses and not a lot of great offenses. Basically every offense has a big flaw except the Bills. Even the offenses that have been good this year fave flaws. Over the last 10 years the average score has been about 23.1 this year we’re all the way down to 21.6 which is wild in a supposedly “Offensive” era. Also teams are rushing more this year rushing average is the highest it’s been since 1988, and passing average is down.


    You bring up some excellent points. Defenses really don’t get enough recognition for their outstanding performances.


Breece hall has entered the chat


    Same thing I was thinking


What a smooth operator, 100% deserves OROY

Justin Credible Fantasy

Can the saints just move on from Michael Thomas and continue with Olave. Olave is the future of this receiver corps. The fact that he commands 7+ targets with backup QB’s as a rookie is mind blowing to me.


Watched this guy since his Cali HS days, knew he was going to be something special

    Anthony Games

    Where’d he go

    Daniel Miller

    @Anthony Games Ohio state

jordan p

Could’ve had 4 more catches and 50 more yards too but some bad passes and drops. Dude is a baller

Bridget Walters

Good route running kills in this league. 👌

Mario Brooker

Speed and good route running.

Vanya Walker

Will only get better in the league. Sadly Dalton cost them the game.

Brook Lake

Smooth and fast.

So Hefty

He’s gonna be great, just needs about 10-15lbs of muscle in the off-season so he doesn’t get destroyed after every big hit

    Jamir Bingham



Only good thing we have on saints right now

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