Chris Harris Jr.: ‘We have to learn not to beat ourselves’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Mosin Nagant

Go Broncos!

STL Broncos


    Bill Flynn

    STL Broncos Do SOMETHING!!

D Judson

The season is finished at 0-3. Fourth straight year of no playoffs incoming. Something needs to change…

    D Judson

    Cartman Power Thank you! You and the two other people that liked my first comment knows what’s up.

    D Judson

    Kaden Garrett So, you are going to look at me with a straight face, at 0-3, with Kansas City and the Chargers in our division, and give us a chance? Oh, please. We are getting swept by the Chiefs just like last year. To those doubting me, wake up and look at the schedule. They will miss the playoffs. They look awful.

    D Judson

    Kaden Garrett The Colts and Texans are more talented. They are the exceptions. Denver will not do it this year. Bank on it. I love my Broncos. However, the castle came crashing down once our beloved Peyton Manning retired. They are a joke and I’m sick of them missing the playoffs.

    Kaden Garrett

    D Judson keep doubting

    D Judson

    Kaden Garrett That’s all you have to say? That’s laughable. I will keep doubting because I’m being real and you don’t like the truth. Kansas City runs this division. If we somehow get lucky to get the sixth seed, we will be one and done. Period. Look at the schedule for the rest of the season and let me know what looks like wins for you. Not saying they’ll go 0-16. But, go to the playoffs? Not with this schedule especially after starting 0-3.

Cartman Power

Foles should have came to Denver.

    Flippant Booch

    Joe Flacco has proved himself far more than foles

    Cartman Power

    “Look Craig (Tucker), it’s the guy who broke our hearts.” – Edith from Despicable Me.

    Brad Delany

    Chad Kelly should have stayed

Binx Negale

It’s always talk. Just prove it on the field then go from there. Lol #DB4L

Flippant Booch

We need a mile high miracle from joe Flacco this week

fernando cholometes

What’s the status on BC???

explore 2580

everyone is the problem except…elway and vic huh…can we trade them?

Kathleen Henderson

Great explanation about the main issues and problems with the Bronco’s Defense. So far, the defensive line, the people who cover the receivers and people who stay with the route runners are sometimes on the same page. No wonder the defense appears to be off, because they are not following their plan of action.

Josef Luetschwager

This whole team needs to turn around you can’t just not get any turnovers on defense and turn the ball over 3 times a game I love you guys but please pick up your game!!!

Gmo Gomez

Don’t be scared to rock your broncos gear people

Darion Spencer

He just admitted that the team is trash & the players can’t execute

Clyde Triplett

Chris belongs with the Great names of old

Brad Delany

Aaron Rogers said the Broncos on Sunday were the SOFTEST TEAM HE EVER PLAYED. He talked about how nice it was to have such a nice breezy day at the office. His shirt was never cleaner,. as clean at the end of the game as at the beginning. I imagine her wants the Broncos in his division so he can skate twice a year.


    Brad Delany stfu funny guy

Jeff Crouch

Keep your head up high Harris 💪 things are slowly coming together each week im impressed with the whole team with all the new coaches and new qb and with the passing of Mr. Bowlen you guys definitely got a full plate but you guys have dealt with it well you know you guys have gotten better you guys see that us true fans see that That’s why I’m not down on you guys and that’s why you guys aren’t down on each other cuz we know there’s light at the end of the tunnel and that tunnel keeps getting shorter every week 👍 just keep working and grinding like you guys have been and it will pay off sooner then later and when it does all click watch out because it’s going to be some of the best football we’ve seen since 2015 🙏 🥂

Daniel Chavez

anyone know where i can find that jacket he is wearing? already checked nfl shop.

    Justin Garman

    Check your local dumpster

    Daniel Chavez

    @Justin Garman all i found was your mom

    Justin Garman

    @Daniel ChavezImpossible.. she doesn’t know where you live.


This is where the wins start! Go Broncos!


Plan on a top 5 pick in the 2020 draft. This team could not beat many college teams. Especially, with Joe the Statue playing QB.

Mike Hawk

This cat can’t cover a highschool wideout anymore … kids over needs to be dumped in a trade

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