Chris Harris Jr. on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: ‘He’s one of the best to ever do it’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Beast Mode Reply


G R Reply

we need to trade for Jalen Ramsey



    Uso Penitentiary Reply

    We need a LT

    Speedyreedy1218 Reply

    @Uso Penitentiary And ILB.

    Uso Penitentiary Reply

    Speedyreedy1218 won’t say that until we see how the ILB group looks with Davis back. Jewell has been good but the guys beside him haven’t

    Jim Marquez-Medina Reply

    Elway is too stupid wont happen

Cartman Power Reply

I think the Packers are a really good team.

EvoroPictures Reply

Give yaidom and bolles and a second for jalen Ramsey. Keep Wilkinson at right tackle and move James to left tackle. Have CHJ and Ramsey on the outsides and have Bryce as the slot. Boom team is better 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Uso Penitentiary Reply

    EvoroPictures you seriously think the Jags are that stupid?

    Eddie Rascon Reply

    Uso Penitentiary yes😐😂

    MrAdamNTProtester Reply

    james? he healthy

    EvoroPictures Reply

    Uso Penitentiary i think they’re actually desperate enough to get rid of him. He and the coach just fought on the sideline, dude may as well be cut. I mean i know they’ll want some compensation but man they don’t exactly want to keep him around. I’m just saying, it seems broncos are never in the sweepstakes for high value players. Might as well try.

Dennis King Reply

Denver Broncos is in need for a whole lot of cohesion.

D K Reply

Been a strange season already…I can see an unlikely win happening

Yard Byrd Reply

Ummm how about we win

Mike Who Reply

Trade For Jalen ‼️We could use him. He will make Vic’s so called defensive scheme we work a lot better‼️

    Speedyreedy1218 Reply

    Tackle and LB more important.

    Opethian Reply

    Speedyreedy1218, ILB.

    Opethian Reply

    Trade Bolles and Yiadom for Jalen 👍

    hoshdude7 Reply

    We run zone and Jalen is a man corner who is frustrated with his current situation bc they run too much zone…

    2beyou Reply

    Yes that would be an great trade, but what about bringing CJ Anderson back or Brandon Marshall?


Get Jalen Ramsey and bench yiadom after I saw that burning from the raiders with him I lost confidence on him. He will be god later in his career but his growth is slower than most corners

oddsandends Reply

Our linebackers are absent, we should have not passed on picking Bush. That is why we cannot stop the run.

    Uso Penitentiary Reply

    oddsandends they have to get past the first level to get to the LBs so you have to cast blame on the d line as well.

    oddsandends Reply

    @Uso Penitentiary Yes Both.

    Dammien Woolsey Reply

    @oddsandends They need to play Alexander Johnson on run downs big physical linebacker that can hit like a train and stuff holes

    Jim Marquez-Medina Reply

    Anyone here know why Peko is not being added to the roster? Broncos are stupid

    oddsandends Reply

    @Dammien Woolsey I agree with you 100%.

Paty Perez Reply

Strappp Harris!!!! Let’s start getting some turnovers baby! 💙🧡😌👊🏼

steve campbell Reply

As a packer fan bet Denver wins..they have our number

    Uso Penitentiary Reply

    steve campbell we’ve only beaten them twice since 1999… series is practically dead even

    Richard Maki Reply

    Agree i live 13 miles from lake superior been a bonco fan since 1978 if we lose still got super bowl 32

Clyde Triplett Reply

The Last Bears game was just the opposite of course Tim Tebow was at Helm

Lorin Lewis Reply

Poor Chris…he has to play on this crap team…last year as a bronco….you will be missed

    Opethian Reply

    Lorin Lewis, he’s not with Miami. Chill out.

Zaqler Reply

we need to improve on a lot of things pass rush has been off lately are o line needs improvement joe flacco could be better d line needs major improvement cornerbacks and safties are fine simmons was a stud last week the strength of this team is are receiving core sutton is a stud sanders has a few years left in him hamilton should develop fine it would be nice to trade for jalen ramsey maybe a 2nd rounder…. GO BRONCOS 🧡💙🧡💙

Quinton Wilson Reply

He’s leaving…

    Jim Marquez-Medina Reply

    Quinton Wilson I think it hurts him that the No Fly Zone is long gone… I would extend Harris now…

Donald Netanyahu Reply

Wow. Listen to Chris talk at 1:20. The question that was asked was “what were you guys able to do in 2015 and can u guys do the same”? Chris spoke truth when he said we played man and got pressure every time. Then he said we can’t do that now…that was his way of voicing his frustration with the roster and the current situation. Facts!

Ted Lovell Reply

And our defense is pathetic. No sacks in two straight games. Only happened one other time. Defensive head coach who is garbage. No wonder it’s taken him 40 yrs to become a head coach. Not impressed and it’s gonna be a long season for broncos country

    Jim Marquez-Medina Reply

    The Defense will play better IF the O can generate leads…

    Ted Lovell Reply

    Opethian get a clue keyboard jockey

    Ted Lovell Reply

    Jim Marquez-Medina has nothing to do with the offense generating leads. Defense needs to get off the field on 3rd down. Sure didn’t happen to much against either Oakland or Chicago.

    Jim Marquez-Medina Reply

    Ted Lovell Our blitz packages will be/ should be more effective when teams are behind by 10+

    Klaus Klaus Reply

    Ted Lovell bears were 3/11 on third down bud, but ok

Opethian Reply

Let go Broncos! Yeah!!

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