Chris Harris Jr. on facing Bears: ‘It’s going to be a low scoring game, an old-school football game’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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champbow1524 Reply

PUT THIS MAN ON TOP RECEIVERS DAMMIT!!!!!!!!! If they would have been smart and put him on Williams Monday night we would have had a better chance

    champbow1524 Reply

    @Travis C. Johnson if our coaching staff knew how to use him he could prove people wrong lol

    Flippant Booch Reply

    champbow1524 ..they know how to use him ..

    EvoroPictures Reply

    Lmao they threw at Chris two times on Monday. One was a 4 yard comeback gimme and the other Simmons was suppose to be his inside help. That’s it.

    john lenon Reply

    Put him on Allen Robinson this week

    MrAdamNTProtester Reply

    If you played football you would know that despite all your efforts to match your #1CB on their #1 WR the DEF Coord & OFF Coord get paid big $$$ to disrupt each others well laid game plans & their in game adjustments… have no worries Yiadom is a gamer & he is close… in week 8 we shall see maybe he is headed to a pro bowl if he starts winning his battles… TRUST Fangio he knows what he is doing

Flippant Booch Reply

Why do patriots get easy schedules that catapult them to the play offs but the broncos get an stupidly hard schedule idgi

    Ealtrax Reply

    Well the patriots do play in the worst division in football, they get 6 free wins a year… Bills, jets, and dolphins.

    Andres G. Reply

    Year after year I’ve come to realize that it’s more than FISHY

    Brenton Burbank Reply

    The pats in on of the worst Davisons in nfl that’s 6 easy games they get

    Ealtrax Reply

    @Brenton Burbank Yea that’s the main reason they have a easy schedule, they vs some good teams or teams that should be good, like the steelers, Cowboys, Chiefs, Ravens, Eagles, Texans, and the browns. If the Redskins had alex smith still, i’d consider them a decent team.

Tarantulas In the Desert Reply

Low scoring game? Yeah right you guys couldn’t even stop the raiders from putting almost 30pt on you guys

    Kung Fu Junkie Reply

    Exactly it’s not going to be a low scoring game

ceddings27 Reply

He needs to be on teams #1 WR every week thats what he got paid for

    I am MGTOW Reply

    I would like to see Jackson back at corner full time. The good thing about Harris is he can cover anyone.

    MrAdamNTProtester Reply

    yeah I think other teams know that so they keep making sure their #1 & #2 are on yiadom… which is fine because one of these weeks Yiadom is going to start winning those battles & then what!

    I am MGTOW Reply


    It might take a year or 2 for Yiadom. He is a 2nd year player in a totally new system. Yiadom was the weak link Monday night. I hope I am wrong and we get to see him improve each week.

Jack McCandless Reply

Low scoring games are just wonderful…

Nugmaster224 Reply

Get the reporters a mic

    MrAdamNTProtester Reply

    EVERY week & every video- same story… last week they addressed the problem ^ now it’s back to same & sometimes even worse… I think youtube might be to blame at least partially

Kung Fu Junkie Reply

Every time Chris Harris says something expect the complete opposite so expect a high scoring game, I know this is only the second game but this is a (MUST WIN) game. AFC west going to be a battle this team can’t afford to lose games they should be winning they have to straighten up there red zone woes. And hopefully the Defense tighten up too, we going to be on the road against some tough teams so the Broncos can’t afford alot of mental errors.

    MrAdamNTProtester Reply

    MUST protect HOME FIELD this season to have a chance

Yard Byrd Reply

Another Charlie Brown interview.
Reporters: Wah Wah Mwa Wah

Clyde Triplett Reply

Chris is a real Bronco

Tyler Brown Reply

Chris Harris Jr. hoping he can encourage people not to watch the Broncos stink it up. Low scoring game, nothing to see here.

Jerome Schulze Reply

Stop talking and do it.. Y’all let raiders score on y’all.. When they shoukdnt have

Jerome Schulze Reply

30-6 bears

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