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Pick good

Pete Martinez

We are actually talking about offseason moves heading into week 3 this is bad in Miami……… Either way Miami beats the cowboys 28-10 fins up

    Dione Francis

    Exactly I’m a phin fan but I kno phin fans are delirious at times I understand the spirit but what ppl dnt realize is that we should’ve did this 5 years ago but at that time we was stuck on stupid in love with mediocrity and hope. I’m glad my team is finally realizing what they have to do and doing it in building not buying a contender. Fans need to stay fans and let these guys work phins up

    Pete Martinez

    Dione Francis We are about to do the same thing we did five years ago spend big in free agency

    Dione Francis

    @Pete Martinez but 5 years ago we didnt have the draft capital that we have now. We didnt have the staff we have now. We didnt have the GM we have now

Monkey Stew

Thank you Chris Grier for the clarification!

    Joseph Ferreira

    Clueless Chris Grier folks

    Phillip Langlade

    Yeah clueless getting the draft picks he did to allow us to build for the future! SMH

Paul Washington

Our GM Grier say he Flores an another front office talk to Minkah to stay more then 1 time he said minkah wantd out.


Winning takes time, we are so use to seeing teams win without putting in the time if people don’t want to be here or we get an amazing deal for the future they are taking it, honestly it’s a long game they are playing I’m kind of impressed

    Mark Jefferson

    Exactly. I’m shocked that they were able to pull this off.

    Corey Brown

    You cannot be impressed..really🤷🏿


    You want out, bye, Mike said it best we want volunteers not hostages

Mark Jefferson

Bro if it’s a such thing as being rich in a football since,we’ll definitely are! How 160 mil under the cap,with 12 picks and 3 of them in the first rnd!👀👀wow


    Depending on how the saints do we can have 5 picks in the top 40 this year! 3 first and our two 2nd

    Zach Bush

    120 million, 14 picks in the draft. The Cap limit is 160 mill so with 120 mill free, we basically have all of it to fill

Courtney Oliver

I feel better now.

Pipeman Slim

I like what I’m hearing. Go Phins

A Shannon

How are you mad he traded away contributions to a maximum 5 win team without the trades?
Id rather be 2-14 than 6-10 8-8 every year. You are stuck on a hamster wheel.

I love what im hearing and all you blind fans will be saying Chris Grier is the best GM 3 years from now. Blind fans!!!!

    Tecumseh Grainger

    I agree. It’s painful, but so is being mediocre. I trust they understand they must blow it up and start from the ground up.

    A Shannon

    @Ryan Minnis What would be your plan Mr. Minnis?

Lazaro Argudin

to repair, especially to dismantle and reassemble (Miami Dolphins) with new parts/players:
to rebuild an old car/team. You got it now guys?…
Phins 4 life 🏈🐬 305

Charles Edwards

Words cannot express how much I appreciated this press conference. I have said for a few weeks that it was disappointing that our GM and owner have laid back and allowed our new, first time head coach to weather this storm alone publicly. I know he’s the leader, but this is not his plan alone. Ross stepped up this week with a statement, and now Grier has done the same. This speaks volumes to me as a fan.

Dylan Houston

Grier is putting on the pounds…Must be eatin’ donuts and scouting a lot 🙂

Dave Wetherell

GM seems like a straight shooter. Just hope we don’t get one of our QB’s hurt while in survival mode this season.

John Scharr

Who wants to come to Miami. First round draft pick don’t always workout Miami stinks all over the franchise from to very bottom to the very top.

John Rotuno

I’ve been screaming to blow this team up for 20 years! No more over priced free agents every year. Build through the draft. They absolutely robbed Pittsburgh in that trade. I won’t miss seeing Minkah chasing the receiver who just torched him or watching him melt off a ball carrier like he’s made of butter.

Rich V

We are in good shape for the long haul. Trust in Grier. Believe what this man is saying.


This is 100% the right direction for this franchise. We weren’t going anywhere previously. Just replacing like 3 offensive linemen will make a huge difference. After we add all the picks and money in free agency this will be a very quick turnaround

Tony Kidd

Damn I hope Bama QB stays in school, I do not want him, I prefer Clemson QB..

Out of many One

Tanking for greatness; mediocrity will be finally over. #MakingPhinsGreatAgain

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