Chris Godwin & Shaq Barrett Break Out | In the Current | Episode 10 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Chris Godwin is the most underrated WR in the league

    James Degregorio

    not for much longer


    James Degregorio you’re right because he will be one of the best

Rawle Springer

In season In The Current episode boys….We finally made it!

Mike Rotch

That tattoo tho!!🔥🔥🔥

King Bucs

Let’s go boys in the current is back. Keep them coming bucs. And keep them long like this one. Great video love this series.

Jose Sanchez

Buccaneers are on the up! Tampa Super Bowl 2020🙏🏽

Beware The Bay Podcast Admin Account

I get SO HYPE after every one of these! Best series of Bucs content. Hands down. Let’s get it this Sunday and even up that record going into the BYE week! Go Bucs!!


What a wonderful surprise seeing this series appear in season!!! Thanks for the top notch quality content!

Dixie Normous

You should thank my grandpas brother for having the buccaneers.


Trash team again. Another losing season here we go!


I predicted Godwins success when he was drafted and celebrated when Desean was cut knowing Godwin would become the #2… They call me Buc Football Nostradamus

Toby Valora

One of my favorite quotes – A wise man once said nothing

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