Chris Godwin on Chemistry with QB Tom Brady, WR Depth | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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TomBradyIsThe GOATNoMoreExcusesForHaters Reply

This offense can’t be stopped. It couldn’t after the bye last season. It’s only going to be the highest scoring offense in NFL history. The only thing that can slow them down is if the lead gets too big early on then they coast. With this D teams won’t be getting back in games.
AB, OJ and Gio B all played a half season or less. Gronk wasn’t even in NFL shape. The 3 tight end sets in the red zone before OJ went down were boss mode. 3rd down back Gio B or just on screen passes. A RB that is natural pass catcher no offense to Leonard. Line doesn’t need coaching up this season. It’s all system go from the start. Guns blazing oh sorry water pistols blazing don’t want to upset anyone.

    Rick Long Reply

    CANNONS BLAZING, you knoooow what’s up bro!💥💥💥💥💥💥

    Dean Giusti Reply

    I’m tellin ya man this offense is RIDICULOUS bro. You are right as rain my friend.

David Smith Reply

What a good couple of seasons he has had, despite injuries. Such a good blocker as well as receiver .Let’s hope he can stay healthy .

    TomBradyIsThe GOATNoMoreExcusesForHaters Reply

    It’s be nice. But I believe Godwin and Evans will be used even less this season. Which will be good to keep them fresh.
    Got AB healthy ready for a full season. Get OJ back. Added Gio B pass catching RB.
    Scooter & Hands will have more playing time this season they proved to earn it last season.

    HYPE 421 Reply

    @TomBradyIsThe GOATNoMoreExcusesForHaters tbh I still think that they will feed the ball to mike and CG a lot hopefully mike gets another 1000 yard season

    TomBradyIsThe GOATNoMoreExcusesForHaters Reply

    @HYPE 421 They will both be close 1000 if healthy. Just be hard with AB there for a whole season. OJ back. Miller and TJ being bigger parts. I could also see Mk13, CG, and AB having 1,000 yard seasons.
    I don’t know how it will play out but it won’t be boring that’s for sure

Ryan M Reply

These Bucs are special. They have that journeyman mindset, with the talent of All Pros.

Looking forward to seeing where the team can rise to after even more familiarity between Tom and the rest of the Offence.


a_collection_of_cells Reply

Hopefully Godwin we can stay very healthy this coming season. Good blocker a very good receiver and despite having multiple injuries he had a very solid season. close to a thousand receiving yards with almost double-digit TDs

VoltXxShot2 Reply


Duane Omes Reply

Is it me, or does CG look swole? Definitely in shape, just wondering if this guy is getting bigger and stronger.

    Tiny TREE Reply

    Probably lol they r in a bucs big group of guys lola all getting Stronger for next year lola

Apoorv Singh Reply

Tom Brady … the GOAT…. super excited for him this year

Mexican Zeppelin Reply

Bad luck with injuries last year, but that usually doesn’t happen two years in a row. It’s a deep group. They’ll be in every game. As long as the OL holds up Tom is going to distribute the ball and they will score a lot of points. I expect 30+ per game but they will still need complimentary football to repeat. Guys like Lavonte, Vita and Shaq gotta still bring it.

Dean Giusti Reply

14-3. Top seed NFC. Home field throught playoffs and then it’s off to LA to pick up some more hardware.

    Lo Bello Reply

    15-2 and we’ll either play the Brown, Bills or Titans in the superbowl “the chiefs wont make it back no matter how much the media heads try to talk it into reality”

Justin Reply

Hope to see Chris have one more good season with the Bucs before he goes

great ness Reply

The female reporter is horrible

Ryan Hines Reply

Just wish half the questions weren’t about Tom. I mean I get it but yeah…

No Thanks Bro Reply

Julio Jones 2.0

daniel mcfarlane Reply

Jenna is the queen dumb questions

Jennifer Toussaint Reply

Chris just needs to get onto the TB12 program with the rest of the band and he’ll stay healthy. Pretty soon the whole team will be on it and play until they’re 50 – lol!


At this forward past jenna questions ..smh

Larry Reply

I wonder. If all the players that play with brady get tired of the non-stop Brady questions. Lol

Frederico Prado Reply


Anna Fraley Reply

Good Answers, hope you and the team have a good season, Chris ✅

Grey Reply

Go Bucs! Loved watching you and everyone play this last year….

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