Chris Carson’s Strong Game w/ 159 Total Yards & 1 TD | 2019 NFL Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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ViperUzi _ Reply

Sup nfl

EP Batman Reply


Nose Tickler Reply


GammarayMage Reply

so when we gettin carson the dark visor?

    B Rus Reply

    Right…dude needs it

Andrew Denker Reply

Lets go boi

chill9871 Reply

remember when people wanted to bench him after the first three games.

BenYamin Ben-David Reply

Get this man the dark visor and a nickname ASAP 😎

Playboi Polo Reply

I made a video getting Russell Wilson X factor activated in madden 20

Exodus 2020 Reply

Now thats what i call putting in work baby.

Ross Luton Reply

gotta respect the way he runs

Ej Conley Reply

Most underrated RB in the league. GO HAWKS!!!

melvin barnett Reply

Good game Browns!

Seattle Seahawks Reply

Right up the middle, straight to the 🏠. (at 2:35)

    Stan Twice sana is my bias mina is my bias wrecker Reply

    Seattle Seahawks he a beast i hope you see this comment favorite team

    Seattle Seahawks Reply

    👀@Stan Twice sana is my bias mina is my bias wrecker

    Azzad Underwood II Reply

    Get him a dark visor 👌🏿

insanetion 97 Reply

Some stupid fans wanted him benched , he is way better than penny And procise And top 5 rb this season, this man is a monster.

Nick III Reply

EA needs to get his likeness in M20 already. Straight up disrespectful.

    wolfgang sonne Reply


Leap Reply

Morgan Burnett made a business decision at 0:51 😂

staystrong Reply

3rd game with 100yds with my favorite RB chris carson and this game seattle seahawks don’t have dj fluker and duane brown in the o Line

Flag Bearer Reply

Great Runner n Person GO HAWKS

Jay Dee Reply

Dudes beastly

Phillip Isayev Reply

Man the Seahawks have a
1.) MVP caliber QB
2.) Solid reliable running back
3.) Great young receivers
4.) DID have an underrated TE (before the injury)
5.) Maybe the best front 7 on defense in the NFL
If the secondary and offensive line can hold it down, they are looking real good and scary all of a sudden.

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