Chris Carson Racks Up 123 Total Yards vs. Rams | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Osama Bin Thottin

Dont hop on the bandwagon now

    A Fucking Bird

    @Mamba Mentality True that!💚💙💚💙

    Jacob Gomez

    i can promise you the seahawks will not come out of the nfc as champions

    A Fucking Bird

    @Jacob Gomez I can promise you that they will

    Evander Faletogo

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!

Minnesota Sports Fan

This guy is underrated

    Varun Vemuri

    Minnesota Sports Fan this was a game he really needed, also agreed with you

    Quinn Encalade

    Minnesota Sports Fan he’s had a solid year. He’s just has to protect the ball a lil better

    Matt B

    Quinn Encalade which he has the last 2 games

    Evan H.

    Quinn Encalade he was this good all of last year. That’s why he might be considered underrated

    TNF helps with that tho

    The Sloke

    Agreed I’ve been trying to tell people he is the identity of that team. They use the power run game to set up play action to hit chunk plays downfield with Wilson. Though RW is a magical player without play action, there is a reason they haven’t been the threat they were without Marshawn. I know the defense was looked at as an all time unit, but they could be scored on. Pete has been looking for a back that can be that efficient power back, in the mold of Lynch, since that infamous call in the super bowl.

Aaron Rodgers

I have a message: Jack Goff

    Landice Reddish

    Wassup Aaron Rodgers my Seattle Seahawk is going to beat the green bay Packers


Seahawks playoff bound.

Alejandro Ortiz

Let’s go hawks nail biting win 👍


Bucs and Seahawks 😤 done brought these Lamb fans back down to 🌍


    J M We appreciate y’all for beating the rams 💚💙

    Joseph Webb

    Yes thanks for that 🤣🤣🤣

    ben hickey

    The rams are a gimmicky team, been saying it for 2 years now. Not a sustainable formula and now they’re quickly trending down

Mordero 96

If he stays healthy he’ll lead the league in rushing

    Michael Chiara

    Nah dalvin cook will


    Michael Chiara nah cmc will

Killian Krummel

Give LA Russell and that’s a 12-13 win team and Goff in Seattle and that’s a 5 win team

    Payton Thornberry

    Can you reiterate in English this time please?

    Nick Nelson

    Payton Thornberry he is saying if Wilson was on the rams they would have 12-13 wins.. if Goff was in Seattle they would have 5 wins

Cooking Sauce

It felt like he had way more yards than that lol

    Nun Ya

    Cooking Sauce he was breaking tackles all night and reversing fields a few times

Nestor Garcia

Carson scared me when he juggled that ball for the touchdown

    Nestor Garcia

    @AJ A how was it when he fumbled in those other games

    AJ A

    Nestor Garcia well I drafted saquan, drew Bree’s, Big Ben, hunter Henry and Antonio brown… so compared to all that it really wasn’t all that bad😂

    Nestor Garcia

    @AJ A then saquan got injured

    Joseph Webb

    Bro !!!!

glock lesnar

As long as he holds onto the ball he is going to have a monster season.

Chosen One

He’s so underrated..🐐🔥

Big Tings

He’s kind of like leveon bell from his young days


    He’s more like Earl Campbell from his young days.


A top runningback💯💯

Seattle Seahawks

Chris Carson always bringing it to the house. (at 1:51)

    A Fucking Bird


Karen Setzer

Awesome game for Carson.
Tough running .Extreme effort.
Go Hawks

jacob svetich

He does not look fun to tackle, definitely knows how to finish a run. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a hawks back.

bruce lau

Damn Carson really scared me when he bobbled that for the TD which was the GW


Lol man he’s a bruiser. He’s always falling forward no matter what.

GetDiesel Nutrition

Drafted this dude, Lamar Jackson and NE defense in my league…. I’m also 4-0

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