Choppin’ Wood: Breaking Down Week 1 Bills at Jets Starting QBs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Eugene Poon Reply

Miss Eric, let’s hope Mitch stays healthy

Tom Gillotti Reply

E Wood! Love it!

Bob Hughes Reply

Looking forward to Eric this season letting us know exactly what’s going on. Miss ya in the trenches tho big guy!

JonathanRWY Reply

Spencer long will be of no help to Jets this time. Bills 27-14

Mike Stock Reply

Love the segment but the name really needs work!

C R Reply

Great job guys!

Elliot Eisler Reply

Awesome to see Eric Wood Breslin that down. He was a very smart lineman for us. Shame it ended early, but he looks good and healthy, and that’s all that matters in the end. Go Bills! Let’s get that first dub!!!

Kevin Breese Reply

Why is it the Sean McDermott show when Tasker is the host?

TwoTireTirade Reply

Really enjoyed the insight. Eric, when will you be broadcasting?? You got the skills for it!!!

James Miller Reply

Eric looks like he’s lost weight. Good for him

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