Chiefs vs. Texans: Game Preview with Former Chiefs’ DL Mike DeVito – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Brandon Coleman Reply

Dm on insta gram

Misty Thompson Reply

I pray Patrick Maholmes take us all the way to the Superbowl Go CHIEFS!!!!!

    Todd P Reply

    I pray the Chiefs can stop the run against the Texans.

RamblinroseDigger Winton Reply

Miss you mr. Divito. Come back please. Get those shoulder and legs in shape and come on down! The defense could use some pointers from you!

Patrick Gutierrez Reply


Sean S. Reply

One of the most complete teams DeVito? Cmon man lol, stop it.

Michael Stevens Reply

I’m just hoping chiefs run the ball more this game

Douglas Strehlow Lowry Reply

feel sorry for anyone Playing Chiefs

    Douglas Strehlow Lowry Reply


    Douglas Strehlow Lowry Reply

    they’re seeing as if it’s their Superbowl

    Douglas Strehlow Lowry Reply

    Baltimore wanted to “punish” players, colts, Detroit, …they All have an Agenda

    John Carter Reply

    Nice conversation with yourself, I see.

Douglas Strehlow Lowry Reply

keep hope alive

Douglas Strehlow Lowry Reply

do what it takes to get the… WIN

Stevone Capone Reply

Defense win championship……… we have to fix it fast

blakkshultz5 Reply

Upset city..HTown win

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