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My little brother scored his first td💯

    Luis Robert

    @Wax Doe 🤣🤣🤣 right

    Vernon Tyson

    You lil bro is looking mighty good in that black n gold.

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    Vernon Tyson fosho💯✅

    Wax Doe

    @Vernon Tyson Bro we didn’t come here for all that. We’re here to talk FOOTBALL.

    Hott Gritz

    timeisntreal00 0 bro you got a lot of haters blowing up my notifications


give mason rudolph time and he’ll be good, kid has potential


    @TJ Stacks the wide receiver room is so deep Moncrief could play himself out of a job quickly


    @Atiba Gaskin I don’t think Rudolph was done any favors by the Moncrief fumble and Grimble’s drop that hit him in the hands….

    Richard Johnson

    @Dank Sauce He’s better than Dobbs. Dobbs just has a big advantage with his legs

    Richard Johnson

    @Cccallen WTF! You can’t be serious. Who ever hopes a backup plays instead of a HOF starter. SMH

    jordan sheppard

    TJ Stacks he had a catch today just fumbled out of shock that the ball was accurate. he’s used to playing for the jags lol. 😂

Mango Masher

Who’s here because they don’t have NFL network

    Kovu The Great

    The replies to this are proof things arent accurately priced for the average consumer. We know ALL of the websites and we dont miss ANY football games.

    Wax Doe

    Mobdro go to mobdro

    Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster

    Steelers are a WR factory as far back as I can remember lol.

    Vincent Jordan

    Down load reddit than search nfl streams the have all the nfl games on there you’ll thank me later

    Danny Rand

    I’m sure you hit that bell for notifications, lol

Allen Rodriguez

I hope they give Rudolph to start the next preseason game. He looked comfortable and poised. The game has really slowed for him.

    123 kid

    They said that they are palying the starters next week

    Anthony Jarrah

    @mlrz24 Rudolph was not sloppy at start his receivers were. He remained sharp from beginning to end

    El Roco

    What happened to Dobbs

    Anthony Jarrah

    @douglas levison I’m with you I’ve never seen Dobbs look good.

    123 kid

    @El Roco he slis still on the team and he played in both preson games


Washington is definitely making me excited for this next season offensively

    Mike Yacoub

    All 3 QB’s are doing very well out there for the limited reps they are getting and the similar statistics. Making it a really hard to pick between Dobbs and Rudolph, even Hodges is holding his own

    Shakeel M

    @Mike Yacoub bro Dobbs is the better option coming off the bench it’s clear as day. Hes mobile and he is accurate..

    Mike Yacoub

    @Shakeel M hes also the one thus far that has only thrown a pick and has yet to throw a td pass. Its a close race. Either way whoever the qb is out there James Washington is putting up big numbers!

    Shakeel M

    @Mike Yacoub well I’m no Steelers fan but just looking at the games Dobbs is the better option at 2nd string.

    Julius Castillo

    @Shakeel M that may have been the case last year but Rudolph has gotten much better. He seems more confident in the pocket and can move when needed too if pressured. I would have to go with Rudolph so far as the best backup so far. All three are playing great and making a case for #2. I do like Dobbs arm and mobility but he seems a tad more jittery in the pocket and on his reads. It’s really close but all of them look good which is a benefit for the Steelers.

Elegant Toilet

7:35 – they called this offensive pass interference lol what a joke, stealing points from the Steelers

    Your Average Strategy Gamer

    The Cornerback just stepped away like an idiot and the receiver was right there. He didn’t even push the corner violently away. WTF NFL?!


    Elegant Toilet whats new? lol nfl has always hated the steelers

    chase deavil

    I detect *salt*

Brendan Haran

We’ve got a serious wide out battle on our hands

    Nate T

    Derrick Roseman nobody Finna stop my boy tj and watt ⭐️

    Richard Johnson

    @Dan Rustle I guess you can make this team easy then. LMAO

    Rodrigo Martinez

    Derrick Roseman your forgetting bud Dupree

    Justin Mlatnik

    No joke

Tony Flores

JuJu, Washington and Johnson…

    Benz Rich

    @Derrick Roseman … Rudolph is his College QB which is gonna make him more of Dangerous threat.


    An spencer

    steel giant

    @Dorian Creagh yep

    Amario Wade

    mlrz24 but it’s okay for Ben to scream at the WRs though 🤔 c’mon now let’s be fair!!🤷🏾‍♂️

    Ghost Big Q

    @J P How did they put it against the chiefs playing backups and no real plays being called. Did Pittsburgh make the playoffs last year ? Worry about getting their 1st cause you’re hyped over a dead preseason game sounds dumb

John Thomas

Damn 7:35 you guys DEFINITELY got robbed of a TD. 100%. One of the worse calls I’ve seen yet. Im not even a huge Steeler fan, But i respect their playing ability over the years. You guys look promising once again lol Good luck

    Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster

    Washington is definitely making me excited for this next season offensively

    Nicolaus Cory

    @Ali Activ Plus – Energy n Stamina Booster He is used to Rudolf throwing to him. Both went to Okie St. and put up hellish numbers.

    p pinchera

    question of the night: Why bother with the review process if you’re still going to get it wrong NFL ?

    Nicolaus Cory

    @p pinchera Was it confirmed that it was on the guy who caught it?


    @John Thomas bro the ball moved a lot lol, he also readjusted to make sure he held onto the ball. So the ball hit the ground, the ball moves, and he readjusts and somehow thats a catch? lol sorry no. The pass interference call was bad but this one was just as awful. They probably felt bad about the shitty pass interference call from earlier that they decided to give you the touchdown.

Justin Mlatnik

Let’s not forget about diontae Spencer making it happen on returns. Been awhile since we had a threat as a returner


    Alibaba Saluja no he was not😂 he only has 3 Punt Returns 2 Vs Cinnci and 1 Vs Indy and only has 1 kickoff return as a rookie😂

    Jakob kell

    @Wax Doe All humans are individuals which means we are all unique but a guy named Dontae is more likely to be offensive then some guy named Don. Even my spellcheck has the black name as an error

    Justin Mlatnik

    AB did not return a lot. Yes he was good but mainly switzer has been used.. so to have a permanent person to step in and be a constant threat as a returner it’s nice to see.

    Jakob kell

    @Justin Mlatnik Jesus returned a lot and so did Rod Woodson

Mango Masher

Steelers rookie class looks very promising

    Richard Johnson

    @Wax Doe I knew someone would say that. I thought the same thing as I was saying it but we’re the Steelers. We’ve wasted having Lev Bell and Antonio Brown. You had to turn all the offensive talent we’ve had into at least 1 SB. Look how Atlanta wasted their opportunity with a great QB and arguably the best WR along with the offensive talent they have and may never win a SB. It’s really hard to win SB. We’re not spoiled enough

    J P

    @Julius Castillo he won an SB and made it back to lose narrowly to GB (I guess you forgot about that. And the Steelers beat the Pats this year and only lost the year before b/c Jesse James got robbed of a TD…

    Name a better more successful NFL HC over the last 10 years that isn’t Bill Belichek.
    I’ll wait…

    And Tomlin never under performed with talent, he never really had a complete team. You mentioned Ab and Lev Bell, who are amazing, but you never mentioned the defensive stars Tomlin had. Oh wait he didn’t… all those years the Steelers had a super loaded offense, the defense sucked dix. In case you forgot, the DEF is justy as important as the OFF in Football and being loaded on one side of the ball doesn’t mean you have an elite team at all. When lev bell and AB were playing, what was the Steelers offensive ranking? like top 5 every year… So IMO considering the talent he had, he did a great job.

    The Steelers have barely ever missed the playoffs and have never had a losing season under Tomlin, that is pretty f’ing gud. Also there have been plenty of teams with more talent that have done far worse for themselves than the Steelers.

    Do you also think Andy Reid is a bad coach because he only made it to the AFC championship and then lost to the Pats who were far less talented? Did he under perform even though he had a loaded team? Lol of course not.

    Get used to Tomlin, he’s young and will be in Pittsburgh for a long time. Oh and maybe stop listening to know nothing analysts then repeating their click bait talking points, might help…

    J P

    @Self Promotion Police Bill Cowher wasn’t the GM then, it wasn’t his team. Just like Tomlin doesn’t choose the players now and has to work with what the GM gives him. Tomlin also made it back to the SB and only barely lost to GB, he also never lost a season and has made it to the playoffs many many times since that first SB. I wouldn’t call that doing nothing… Over a decade of consistent success…

    Julius Castillo

    @J P that SB win and last appearance is going on to be a decade ago and really wasn’t all his team and personnel. As for him not having a whole team and having a weak defense, he is a defensive coach that has had more than enough time to draft a proper defense and has stunk it up on defense for quite some timex so he gets no excuses for that. No one care about overall win percentage if it doesnt yield a SB. As for you Andy Reid statement, he absolutely underperformed in Philly and should have won them at least one championship having gotten to so many NFC championship games. I hope for KC sake he can finally achieve a championship. Finally if your from Pittsburgh, you expect to go to the playoffs right or wrong. Tomlin goals are SB or bust and he and the city know that. It’s not good enough to just get to the playoffs especially with what he had. He beat NE last, big deal. He still collapsed and lost big the second half of the season and lost the locker room. He absolutely did not deserve that extension and it’s sad the Steelers gave it to him. You are right about one thing though, Steelers fans are stuck with him unfortunately. You are so high on him though and like mediocrity so I guess you will be overjoyed for years to come of his great regular season record and horrible playoff record!!

Jorge Corral

Mason, Washington, Johnson, and Spencer are looking real good! I’m loving the backups we will have!

Riley Martin

Mason will take over at QB2, but I’m lovin this kid Hodges at QB. This kid can ball, I think better than Dobbs

Choppy Beats

Steelers are a WR factory as far back as I can remember lol.

    Choppy Beats

    @Mr. Death I’m giants fan I feel like that about obj, you can argue I guess Burress was an issue because of the gun issue but Giants dont typically need diva personality wideouts , we never won with those type of guys they gets filtered out(Shockey was a problem but used to laugh when dropped passes in the endzone, barber couldnt shut up) when Tate comes back he fits the mold of a Amani Toomer type wr, Cruz did his salsa dance but was never a diva, humble kid from Patterson NJ, Hakim Nicks was talented and fell off, Mark Ingram Sr was awesome, Bavaro kept his mouth shut. I think to be in Pittsburgh and Ny you gotta fit a mold , when Burress came to the Giants Toomer was the #1 wr and still was good but wasn’t selfish. Pittsburgh knows what it takes to win. Look at the top wrs over 15 yrs how many titles those guys won (minus a Julio Jones or Megatron type which didn’t say much) .

    Cdiddly Son

    Richard Johnson Bro i’m not gonna read all you said but Ben has made our WRs his whole career they all suck after they leave. Sanders is the only one that did well but he left and played with Manning.


    @Richard Johnson After 1980 I can only think of Hines Ward as a great WR pick. That is until Big Ben got there. I can think of louis Lipps, Jeff Graham, Ernie mills, Charles Johnson, Will Blackwell, Troy Edwards. None of theses guys were worldbeaters.

    Richard Johnson

    @JAMES KNAPKE You must love this debate because everyone knows the Steelers draft WR well. Have they had a lot of bad draft picks? Hell yes. Just like every other team. So you made me google and yes of course. H. Ward is a HOF No body is denying that. They’ve also drafted S. Holmes M. Wallace AB and Sanders in the same draft( AB 6th RD) I don’t know where you want to go with this. Ben is great but has a tendency to throw stupid picks at the most inopportune time. I mean Mendenhall’s fumble was killer in SB vs GB but stupid INT by Ben put us behind 9 ball that help dig us into a bad hole.


    @Richard Johnson My whole premise of this thread is that the WR’s are good because of Big Ben. Holmes Wallace and Sanders were never as good when they left the Steelers. I dont think AB will either. Same thing with Dan marino. He made superstars out of WR’s. It doesnt matter who the Steelers draft as long as they are decent WR’s they will excel with Big Ben.

Virdin Barzey

The Tony Corrente referee crew is the absolute WORST and the NFL as usual will do NOTHING about. This crew has consistently been awful from last year and picking up right where they left off they have not missed a beet with two preseason games.

That OPI on Diontae was one of the WORST calls. Not even a hint of it.

    The Horton

    Virdin Barzey i agree and the later touchdown catch by Johnson was actually not a touchdown. He lost control of the ball as it made contact with the ground, having to readjust it later. I guess it’s preseason for the refs too, and let’s hope they do better.

Meme Iselfaneye

Dobbs has a good arm, but terrible field awareness.


Juju, Washington, Moncrief, Rogers, Switzer, & Diontae Johnson. I reallyyyy like our WR core.
Samuels as a backup is also amazing he’s such a wildcard.
Rudolph is also an incredible backup and can become a starter after Ben eventually.
The Oline is still one of the best in the league.
Dupree and Burns look like they will have a real good bounce back season.
Bush and Ulysees Gilbert are great young Lbs that can both become stars in the future.
Really liking the depth and the rookies. Go Steelers.

    Benz Rich

    @Atiba Gaskin ….Dobbs lucky if he doesn’t lose the number 3 spot to Hodges… Besides being 5 pounds lighter, Rudolph has the same height & arm strength as Ben Roethlisberger, not to mention that James Washington was his favorite target in college… Dobbs is need to play Perfect in every game to take that #2 Spot from Rudolph, and is Facts….it ain’t gonna happen. Dobbs might play that “Slash Role” like Kordell Steward, if not he’s gone.


    Atiba Gaskin oh boy! One good pass with multiple terrible ones. You sure showed me!


    Benz Rich Dobbs is terrible. Rudolph actually looked pretty good against starters. Dobbs on the other hand struggled against backups………

    Benz Rich

    @Tornado720 I agree with you on that. Rudolph is going to be Ben Roethlisberger’s replacement when he retires, Dobbs chances is very slim and I’m talking about the #3 with Hodges..


4:42 *3 and 12*
Announcer: “3rd and short now”


James Washington really stepped up his game lately. Hate to say it he may be the next receiver on the opposite side of juju


As a Chiefs fan, I’m super stoked about Darwin. The kid’s a stud.

    chris heese

    Yeah me too I was just talking about him. The speed and power combination that he runs with is legit.


    @chris heese He’ll be starting by mid-season.

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