Chiefs vs. Ravens: Sights and Sounds from Week 3 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Big T.E.S.T

How can you not love this! πŸ”₯😀πŸ”₯

    Michael Gardner

    Easy. If youre a Donkey fan youre pissed. LOL

Terry McBride

Mathieu was the right guy!


    true but I sure wish we would have signed earl Thomas at free safety. then we could still have selected Thornhill and played him at corner. how bout that???

Steve Gaches

Chiefs redzone is their one yard line!

    Brady CallahanIrndqt


The Dubbman

It will be more than perfect when Tyreek comes back…nfl say your prayers!

Sean S.

We’ve been riding this high for just over a year now. I am so SO HAPPY to be a Chiefs fan because every fanbase envy’s us. We have the best player in football by far and wide. We must keep him humble and protected. So much of OUR success rides on #15.

    Daniel Harper

    Well said. What a time to be a Chiefs fan. This is history in the making we are seeing in my backyard.


The AS11 years the only one we ever saw talking in the locker room was Reid or Berry. After every game it’s been Mahomes since. THAT’S a QB. THAT’S OUR QB. #ChiefsKingom #WeRise


    Do not get it twisted. I loved AS11. He brought good, not great, but good QB play to the Chiefs after several abysmal years. The guy was a class act. Just not a very good leader.

xWFx_Storm_- Gaming

Love the energy Let’s Go!!!! CHIEFSKINGDOM FOR LIFE BABY!!

Kredd/DMcIntyre/Chiefs Fans

Them chiefs boys on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ (love the leadership from the Honey Badger & Pat Showtime Mahomes) #ChiefsNationStandUp


CHIEFS KINGDOM in here signing in from the middle of the map. You don’t have to like us but you will RESPECT US. FACTS

Justin Hall

Let’s bring the Lombardi trophy back to Kansas City!!! #Chiefskingdom #MVPPat

Pervis McGervis

man I love this team!

Oscar De Leon

Shoot!! This video got me so fired up I just pulled the trigger on the KC vs GB game..
#Chiefskingdom #SNF #LVtoKC

ML Fitz

Bet them guys are having fun on this team. LETS GOOOOO!


I love seeing the excitement on the sidelines. More of that pleaseπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Curt Thacker

Hey kingdom..look up on here..the ringer he made a song about Mahomes and it’s the best song ever.your welcome go chieeeeefs

David B

The Chiefs have 2 SR71s that they can use….Hill and Hardman….and they have a a Missile launcher to get them the ball.

Philip Owen

Yoooo, I could listen to Honey Badger yell out inspirational stuff all daaaaayyyyyy…. FIRED UP!!!

Chris Moore

Freeze at 1:52. Notice how all the Chiefs are looking at Patrick. That kind of earned respect is invaluable, and incalculable.

Blue Eyed Huntress

It’s OUR TIME CHIEFS!! it’s our year… We’re bringing that Lombardi home to the hunt family in honor of Lamar.. 60 years we’ve been waiting…the wait is soonto be over .. I love my boys in red n gold… Chiefs fan 4 life here!!

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