Chiefs vs. Ravens: Game Preview with GMFB’s Peter Schrager – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Thomas Hampton

Get Ramsey please. #madden lol

Preston Rock


Ahmy B

Mahomes will throw for 550 yds and 6 tds. You heard it here first.!😎

    Justin Rees


    Robert South

    I dont think so but I hope you’re right.

David Mc

I have been chiefs fan for 52 years. Win or Lose I shall remain chiefs fan till death do us part. Don’t have much time left, just wanted to say I Love you All. Respect and Honor…. 🇺🇸OORAH 🇺🇸

    Austin Stude

    Wow love you too man my grampa was a chiefs fan his whole life lived in st Louis but repped KC like a boss

    Robert South

    Much respect. Devil Dog

    Skoldier 19 Vikings

    I’m thinking about becoming a chiefs fan

    tim countryman

    Much love Devil Dog.. Since 79

John jones

I’m sorry but the best defense will lead them give up 350 to a rookie quarterback

John jones

Chiefs play the Bears it’s not the best defense matchup the face


My perdiction for this game is that the Chiefs Defense is going to play much better and dominate plus Mahomes is going to be a beast ounce again help the Chiefs get this W…FINAL..38-17 ..

phillip christ

Won’t be that close this time. DO NOT CHALLENGE PATMO

Luke Faulkner

season home opener…arrowhead..chiefs win- steeler fan

Douglas Strehlow Lowry

Baltimore is a “dirty”-hitting-defense”.. they love “punishment to you”, should be the most penalized team, with the most “ejections”$

Douglas Strehlow Lowry

hard to prepare for Baltimore 🤔 really good news, we don’t go quietly into the nietly

Douglas Strehlow Lowry

now what a minute, the jags “we’re” the No.#1, now it’s balty

Douglas Strehlow Lowry

we don’t like them, an it’s because they are “trying to end people’s careers”

Sean S.

Schrags is kool. Love watching GMFB every morning with him and the crew. As you can see Big Red is 4-1 against the Ravens. I think this’ll be just a little bit closer than what Schrags predicted, my prediction is a 31-23 ChiefsKingdom victory.

John Coy

At times is the red Zone the 50 yard line for the Chiefs .
Don’t underestimate the Chiefs D .

e b

Its very simple force Lamar to pass the ball and that does 2 things put him at risk for turnovers and even if the Ravens do score it still gets Mahomes and that offense back on the field very quickly. What you don’t want is the ravens to run up and down chewing up time of possession which keeps Mahomes on the sideline. You don’t mind Mahomes standing on the sideline providing that the chiefs are up by multiple scores. So force the Ravens into being one dimensional which is the chess move in getting them off the field quickly one way or the other.

Tyler Lyon

The 1985 Bears were the best defense of ALL time. They went an impressive 15-1 and won the super bowl in the 1985 season. Their only loss? To Dan Marino and his ridiculously high powered offensive abilities. My prediction BAL 23 KC 31

Robert South

I want the chiefs to just dominate this game so so bad. Jackson is a real nfl quarterback very impressed with him but I hope the defense destroys him. Not hurt him bc I want to watch him play this year


I’m a Bolts fan however i give props were it’s due.Mahomes is a beast! Didn’t chiefs beat the Jaguars?Yes. What defense is better Jaguars or ravens?


Good luck Chiefs! Can’t wait till Sunday. This will be a great game. See ya’ll again in the playoffs 😉

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