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Marcos Oyler Reply


Fun Chiefs Reply

Let’s got our last time in Oakland a W

YGisaiah Reply

Let’s go Chiefsss

Robert Bird Reply

I’m excited to see KC’s offense against a non elite defense, are we going to put up 60?

    Yoh. A Reply

    Robert Bird
    Apparently there was no offensive drive without a score in week 1 so🥴

    mike miller Reply

    @Yoh. A actually the chiefs punted in the final quarter. i heard it on the radio when broadcast went dead on tv

    Yoh. A Reply

    mike miller doesn’t count!!! Ha ha ha (:

    C B Reply

    @mike miller Every drive Patrick Mahomes played we scored, how about that? lol

    mike miller Reply

    @C B actually no. they stalled on a drive with mahomes when they had a holding penalty and was pushed back, but couldn’t convert the 3rd down so they had to punt. you people need to keep a radio around and tune in just if ever.

C B Reply

Not to nitpick.. But they’ve won 21 of their last 24 games. They are 21-3 vs the AFC WEST since 2015. Also, all three losses came on short week Thursday Night Football. Each team in the division has 1 of those 3 wins.

    HZ- Phantom YT Reply

    This comment needs to be shared to biased Raiders fan

    Carolina Ace Reply

    The broncos haven’t beat us since 2015 on raiders and chargers booth games a penalty determined the outcome

    C B Reply

    @HZ- Phantom YT oh they know… They’re just a little mentally impaired from thinking every game day is Halloween.

Charlie Ridgway Reply

Raiders better hope they can score 50+ points!

Kredd/DMcIntyre/Chiefs Fans Reply

40-3 chiefs Pat Showtime Mahomes) throw 5 Td

    Fun Chiefs Reply

    3 of the tds to Kelce and the other 2 to Watkins

    Kredd/DMcIntyre/Chiefs Fans Reply

    @Fun Chiefs that be great 😁😁😁😁 & D Carr sack 10 times Frank Clark 4 sacks Chris Jones 3 sacks everybody get the rest #chiefsnation

    Kevin Millan Reply

    That doesn’t sound bad that could actually well happen raiders can’t hang with us

bubba bug Reply

Im worried about that hard baseball diamond they will be playing on.

Couped Up Reply

It’s our year KC

Anthony Dangel Reply


    C B Reply

    I feel sorry for you already…


    Curt Thacker Reply

    Get out your dust pan another sweep this year I would figure by now you guys just know to count this lose coming your way

    Anthony Dangel Reply

    @Curt Thacker LeaRN tO eNGliSh SOn

Chief4life1 Reply

Chiefs 45
Raiders 17

mykaelprince Banks Reply

Let’s Go Chiefs !!!!! Hopefully no injuries on the Oakland 3rd rate playing field and Stadium

Randy K Reply

Im sad to see raiders move

Sean S. Reply

It’s funny how he says Jaguars as “(Jag-wires)” Lol

Norseman Reply

Thanks BJ.

J.J. Alleson Reply

To have a winning record in somebody else’s Stadium💪🏽👍🏼GO CHIEFS!!!!

Shaun Huggins Reply

😂 raidernation where about to shock the world with a win where not fucking around this year where coming for blood this year chief s having no idea what they getting they self into think they gonna score a million points we can score to and play defense last time i check there defense is trash enough said oakland 30 to 21

Tim Burgess Reply

I would love it if the Chiefs could decimate the Raiders in their last game in Oakland. Even without Hill, they can put up 45 points on the Raiders.

Curt Thacker Reply

Three fact to know…broom… dustpan… sweep!then repeat the fallowing season

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