Chiefs vs. Raiders: Sights and Sounds from Week 2 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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a916 KidD Reply

Chiefs Kingdom!!!

JonathanDGrim Reply

Last time in this building…ever!

    Michael Gardner Reply

    JonathanDGrim absolutely. They will not be in the playoffs.

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @Michael Gardner who?

jose velazco Reply

“Championship swagger”

Sean S. Reply

That’s how you leave the Raiders in our last game there ever! #ChiefsKingdom

White guys with backpacks and small dicks Reply

Tyrann Matthew sounds like an upset mom who’s kids stayed out late

thunderdude Reply


Lisa Reply

Love me some Chiefs!! 🏈🏈🏈

John Brown Reply


Rasha Wiley Reply

Don’t be disappointed raiders fans there will be more coming for the next 25 to 30 years we gon own ur new home in Las Vegas ya heard lol home away from home we call it 😛

    Zuleny Bustamante Reply


    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    @Zuleny Bustamante stfu we 11-2 against y’all

Isabella Weis Reply

i have a question for Patrick Mahomes. do you know sombody named Jude because she works for you.

Isabella Weis Reply

my uncle works for you]

The Dubbman Reply

Yez Zir #chiefskingdom

German xXWrestlingXx 27 Reply

Chiefs future champ!!!

RamblinroseDigger Winton Reply

Keep that momentum going!!

Devil’s Advocate Reply

I don’t think enough has been said about that amazing 4th TD catch by Robinson. Whoever was covering him got owned!

Todd P Reply

The mayor of Chokeland should give the Hunt family the key to the city for total domination by the Chiefs franchise over the Faders.

Ozark Ed Reply

“This is the last time in this building, ever!” And there was much rejoicing in the Kingdom.

The Great Chain Reply

Andy Reid had a complete meltdown after the chiefs victory ! 😂 Reid was whisked to the Oakland Alameda psych ward for so-called psychotic outbreaks after the game ! Read seizing control of the P.A. controls at Oakland Alameda county stadium and screaming these words ; ” 911 mule face Mueller’s star witness in the Russians collusion LIES and setting up the Papadopoulos meeting was George Nadar 😠 recently ARRESTED for child porn ! child trafficking 😠 & forcing children to bestialize goats ! this Obama’s Podesta’s Clinton’s Bush’s Satanist pedovore you ##$@ ing retards support !!???? Then they subdued Reid’s microphone & truthful words. The raiders & chiefs fans erupted in a roar of approval topping any touchdown !
Revelation 20:5

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