Chiefs vs. Raiders: Game Preview with NFL Network’s James Palmer – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Seven Eleven


Yaboi LaneGreggs


Anna Mootoosammy

Let’s go!! We going to be 2-0

Taco Mastet


julian swimpson

Lets get it Mahome-ez😬

Sol 123

Can’t say this won’t be a tough game but in the end for sure we’re getting the W

tim countryman

I would feel alot better if the chiefs would get a corner.. Howard,Fitzpatrick, or Slay why not will have a corner for years to come

    denise bell

    tim countryman gotta be patient everything takes time . They will make a move just gotta be patient!! Will get one sooner rather than later .

Tyler T

James Palmer clearly a Raiders fan.


    So what? Its good to have a balance of opinions.

Sean S.

Chiefs win 37-20 you can take it to the bizzy leggo #ChiefsKingdom

RamblinroseDigger Winton

Hey did say chiefs would win and im for the chiefs. I bleed red and yellow!

Lamour Hilburn

Did not bring up coach Match up

Joshua Shaw

Gruden can put film on display for the public and break the chiefs offense down all he wants. Sunday the mvp and legion of zoom will still hand you that L

Rick Winslow

Of all the games Mahomes could have rested his ankle would have been this week, he wants to play no matter what, Reid should have taken control of this, the way the O-line played last week, this could turn into mahomes being out 6-8 weeks, he still has a sore ankle, they should have sit him and ran the ball more and hoped the D would step up. 1 and 1 is better than no playoffs in a year we could go to the super bowl, Raiders are coming for that ankle you know they are.

Aaron Morrow

38-20 Chiefs


Chiefs 45
Raiders 0

David ,

36 to 24, Chifes…

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