Chiefs vs. Patriots Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Saiyan Chief Reply

Got to give it up to the Chiefs though. They give the Pats hell, since Reid took over. They always have good games.

    KGOODE804 Reply

    @Saiyan Chief Thank you.

    eric flores Reply

    Chief had us in the first half

    the vision Reply

    @Peter Karel Kraus hahaha they put the ball after the missed TD call on the three yard line and y’all could not score anyways go cry some more you’re tears taste so good

    Peter Karel Kraus Reply

    @the visionI’m not crying. Just ecpressing bewilderment at such bad offictiating.

Joeyjoejoe Shabadoo Reply

Skip is going to have a field day regarding the Pats TD that wasn’t given.

    John Hatchel Reply

    It’s called karma

    Matt Tallman Reply

    @Jay C because the refs didn’t signal touchdown they called out of bounds and only scoring plays are automatically reviewable and belichick used up his reviews

    Dennis Carver Reply

    @Susan Maggiora not really game over. Lets see how your all stars come out with Bills

    jesse beeghly Reply

    @Jake Shattuck Completely wrong. Three years ago in Pittsburgh catch for td by tight end? Tripping calls against cowboys? Tuck rule? For 20 years refs have given you breaks. It’s karma coming back.

Brian Fike Reply

Pats lost to all 3 of the other division leaders. Ravens, Chiefs and Texans.

    CaribSurfKing1 Reply

    No run game, no good Tight End, non mobile QB. Pretty much the opposite of of the teams that beat them. Pats have had no offense all season, Great defense/special teams has won 10 games. Pats fans have known this since the start. I would concetrate on Front Line and creating those running holes or trick plays or its no SB this year

    Get to the CHOPPAAA Reply

    And here I thought the Pats defense was supposed to be one of their greatest defenses ever..

    M Williams Reply

    Brian Fike Yeah but they beat conference leaders in the Super Bowl. They lose games every season. Why everyone so shocked?

    Matthew Chamberlain Reply

    tru OG convection current did you even go to 7th grade

    Matthew Chamberlain Reply

    Tyler G little guy

magentalady Reply

Is it my imagination that there were more Pats highlights in this vid even though they lost?

    trollmastersage Reply

    Chiefs defense making plays

    login666 Reply

    Definitely your imagination. Unless you’re counting all of Brady’s incompletions as highlights.

    The REAL mike thegamerguy24 Reply

    @Mar Stillo Being an idiot is acting upon wrong info , not the act of getting somethig wrong itself (as everyone does that at some point)

    TheWhite GoodsProject Reply

    @Parzehlli TV I like gecko – I’m going to use it myself!

    Dennis Carver Reply

    @xX KJShadow666 Xx so whats your point. KC played like the Pats?

UCES Fossil Reply

Skip: Let’s talk Cowboys.

    Erik Lerström Reply

    Sharp: Sure!
    Skip: … wait… _can we talk basketball?_
    Sharp: *NOOOPE*

    Multibon Media Reply

    Let’s talk Bears.

    noname305 its me Reply

    They will find a random topic to talk about them Bums all week.

Edgar Estrada Reply

Apparently the Patriot’s checks to the refs bounced 😳😂

    Alex Reply

    Dat Madden Skill Which play are you talking about? There were TWO PI’s on their opening drive. They were Both on 3rd down. The first one was Not PI.

    joe smith Reply


    trollmastersage Reply

    Been waiting 20 years for it to happen.

    quasidiem99 Reply

    Except the one call when the flag was flying (for pass interference) before the defender touched the receiver.

Silvia Nunnari Reply

Every time Brady run to take the 1st down I think there’s some slow motion in place.

    Allen Cooke Reply

    Lol!! Right

    RRY PHILL Reply

    He’s so tall..🤓!

    Jasus Crist Reply

    @RRY PHILL like watching a newborn giraffe run

Thomas the only Reply

Harry looks good. He’ll be key for the Pats success in the playoffs

Jose Ortiz Reply

Yeah they lost two straight, still the Patriots though can’t count them out until they really out

    Erik Lerström Reply

    @Aaron Kuhlman in the playoffs genius

    Aaron Kuhlman Reply

    @Erik Lerström Again, gonna be hard. Chiefs will be the 3 seed, they’ll have to go through the Pats to take down the Ravens. So once again, not gonna happen.

    Erik Lerström Reply

    @Aaron Kuhlman imo the patriots odds go down the toilet if the chiefs dont knock out the ravens for them, if the seeding is saying that isnt going to happen… then Id short them harder than steve carell and christian bale shorted the american economy in that great movie

    ElSchneids Reply

    They’ll likely win the Tom Brady invitational at least.

    Real one Reply

    The chokers should know

Jesus Seven Reply

11:57 aww poor little guy

Disheartened6 Reply

2:07 deja vu 😉
-Cowboys Fan

Mj 2x Reply

4:54 bruh tyreek took off😂🤯

skyline Reply

This is the most avg I’ve seen Pat’s play

    Tim McElroy Reply

    Offensively, yes. Defense is as solid as ever

    B L Reply

    Then you havent watched many games. lol they lost to the dolphins and the texans

IrishDrunkGaming Reply

Quoting CM Punk

“The NFL would be better off if Rodger Goodell was Dead”

The guy is a menace to this culture to allow such heinous to take place with these REFS

Defense don’t win Championships, The REFS do!

    Ziroidex Reply

    Karo French I do think the refs help a certain team to win and keep it closer for it to be entertaining at times, but I don’t think the winner is outright already determined. All you’re doing is ruining it for people.

    lil needy Reply

    @Ziroidex That’s called fixing. Dude

    Ziroidex Reply

    lil needy technically yes, but also no. Fixing it to where the game is close is one thing, rigging the winner is another. I believe they will try to keep things close sometimes. But I don’t think the winner is determined before the game. Players get too mad imo when a call doesn’t seem right to them. If they knew the winner they wouldn’t care as much.

    Doktor Bundy Reply

    Dont forget No Fun League

    RRY PHILL Reply

    It’s Entertainment..10yrs from Now the younger generation will view the NFL and the NBA just like “”Wrestling””..fake🤓!.

Jonathan Warner Reply

The league really has to test the refs eyesight

    Jordan Leigh Reply

    Jake Shattuck it had everything to do with the refs there was 3 clear calls for the pats that they missed

    Greg Fakerson Reply

    Jordan Leigh 3 calls that cost them 21 points across 3 plays: the fumble recovery, the diving touchdown and the missed pass interference. directly 21 points across 3 plays. pats won this game hands down

    Jordan Leigh Reply

    Greg Fakerson tbh I don’t think Gilmore would have scoped and score there were 3 people near him and Tyke was close and would have caught him. But still they would have got at least 3

    Greg Fakerson Reply

    Jordan Leigh it wasn’t 100%, but it was like 95%… he has a blocker and a clear path. everyone pulled their speed after the many whistles, but it was wayyyyy more likely to be a touchdown than it was to be stopped outside the 5 yard line

    Bearded Swordsman Reply

    @Jake Shattuck this is normal for the pats, I can find several games where pats had it easy due to refs and “not following rules” it sucks being on the recieving end doesn’t it? I for one didn’t like how the chiefs played but the pats made their own bed, they made this into a street fight so be it.

Zao Jin Reply

Y’all ever just flick away a game winning TD pass as casually as this man does right here at 11:40?

    Jay C Reply

    Brady was really playing half assed in my opinion.

    Christian Olivas Reply

    This comment gave me a hearty chuckle, thank you.

    Aidan Lapp Reply

    He had guys in his face so he had to get a higher release which led to less velocity.

Bigga Blue Reply

Tom brady runs like me when i run in my dreams

Brady Angelo Reply

Patriots: “The Refs screwed us!”
Lions: “First time?”

    Crusader1815 Reply

    @Reko Kilmonger The Lions are screwed by their front office. Megatron and Stafford and still got nothing…

    E.N.D Reply

    Patriots deserved that treatment

    Steve Shelton Reply

    @Dennis 671 no but you have to be new to football if you don’t see that the lions get screwed on at least a game or two every year. It’s been that way for many years. Mainly in big games

    Oranekiller02 Reply

    @E.N.D No one deserves that treatment. These players are more athletic than you’ll ever be and are trying to make a career for themselves. So Stfu idiot

    Jake Shattuck Reply

    I grew up in New England watching Steve Grogan and Tony Eason battling for the starting job. Drew Bledsoe was a godsend but couldn’t quite bring home a ring. The league embraced Tom Brady for a while but they would like to move on. They’ve tried to “facilitate” the end of the dynasty for about a decade, but Bill is a master of the rulebook. His team is always more prepared than any opponent, regardless of talent.

    This was the second most flagrantly fixed NFL game I’ve seen in the last decade behind only Seattle over SF Championship Sunday several years ago. But Detroit STILL gets screwed by the refs worse than any other team and there’s nobody close enough for a discussion. Their fans just accept that all teams are not held to the same standard. Go watch a compilation of refs screwing the Lions. It’s despicable.

    It even feels wrong publicly discussing this unquestionably rigged game where Detroit fans might see it. But when you throw a challenge flag because the ball never reached the 39 yard line (yet was spotted on the 41) for the first down, you expect the booth in NY to ensure fair play. Instead they went with the bogus spot on the 41 and stole a timeout from the Patriots. Then they called the fumble “down by contact” and charged the second and final challenge just to rightfully give the ball to the Patriots (although the easy TD by Gilmore became a field goal in the process).

    Bad refs are one thing, but a corrupt review booth means this game is just mafia toilet paper.

Ian Jones Reply

All the dislike are pats fans that finally get a taste of their own medicine.

    RESPECTZ Reply


    Dennis Carver Reply

    @RESPECTZ should have kept the flag in his pants? He just sniveled his way out of being able to challange. Blame Billichek not refs. Soft schedule over, big boy football now.

    Chait Vibs Reply

    ​@Dennis Carver Yea that makes sense. Let me not challenge this play because I should expect the refs to screw up and I will have to challenge that later. Good logic fam

Will Shepherd Reply

Imagine being a pats fan & getting upset at the refs , y’all get this treatment 5x a year ….. but y’all def Shoulda won this game lol

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