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Josue Tejada

Now that the preseason is over i’m ready for the regular season next week. I’m hoping it’s a good year for the Packers

    Sebastian Uriarte

    It is going to be a great year

    Pimp King

    @Cam Smith typical bears fan they have a good season and think they are the saviors of football👋🏽


    @Cam Smith 🤡⬇️

    c j

    @Cam Smith good luck with that kicker👀👀😂🤣😭

Jesse Grajeda

Go pack go 🥳🥳🥳🥳 do you understand what I’m saying !?

    Moe Snert

    Jesse Grajeda go to 4th in the NFC


Bunch of my friends were there, there was a streaker🤣


    He made it the whole length of the field before he ran right into the security lol

    Jadin 42

    he only took his shirt off- funny tho

    Liam Svanoe

    @TheAlster711 before he got slammed by a chiefs player*

    jordan kilpatrick

    was there didn’t see it

    Liam Svanoe

    @jordan kilpatrick if you have an Instagram I can send a video of it

Dylan Chavez

Green bay looking solid, just can’t give up points in 2nd half

    Isaiah Hopkins

    They scored 10 points each half..


I’m from syracuse but I like packers


    Wow we got a lot in common my friend.


    Ya both school shooters?

Mekhi Morris

Who’s hype for the packers this season. Cuz I am

Believe it or not this the most amount of likes I ever had. My comment normally never gets read by people😞😞. Thxs for the likes


    I am

    Mekhi Morris

    @Lgf04 LGF04 u gotta believe in us

    Lgf04 LGF04

    @Mekhi Morris im kidding man im a cowboys fan im just trolling you lol good luck this season

    Mekhi Morris

    @Lgf04 LGF04 wow

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The battle of the first ever super bowl teams

    Ernesto Torres

    @David Mc okay the packers played out their 2nd stringer and 3rd string to and still won you point is ?


    I think he meant to say that GB is gonna be another hype wash this year xXBEARDOWNXx

    David Mc

    @Ernesto Torres Only read my second sentence son. And what does it say??? Do I lie??? LOL


    @American Sports Fan I think ur correct

Otis Wilson

Boyle is a solid number 2 for us! Gopackgo!!

    packers fan

    Hes not solid at all hes just better than kizer and wilkins

    Germaine S

    packers fan lol look at his tape he makes big time throws and has crazy arm talent

    Justin Vanevenhoven

    Boyle for backup qb

    CEE Smith

    @Jan Nelle Thank god you aren’t a coach.

    Jan Nelle

    @CEE Smith Kizer is really unlucky, the receivers drop his balls or stop running the routes, which makes him look worse than he is


That one leap from Manny ended Kizers GreenBay career 😂🤣 he will be cut by sunday!

    TOXSYC tv

    Word! 😂

    Dre Day

    Hundley weak as hell. Was average at UCLA college. And that’s considered trash in the NFL.


    And you base this off a 4th preseason game with almost every starter NOT on the field?


    GB should pick up Kaepernick as a backup QB.


Loved the pressure from the dline, got high hopes this season.

Armando Garcia

Anyone who knows manny Wilkins knows this dude was bound to hurdle someone

Fotten Låhi

It just breaks my heart to see another player wearing 87.

    Dihaf Dihaf

    I was watching the Giants highlights and I saw about somebody wearing number 13 I thought it was Odell for a second I was like hold up now he got traded


    And 52

    Kyle Theune

    @Albert Robinson 52 was only good for a few years. Otherwise it was either injury or not giving an effort

Cyrus Dabar

Boyle to stay, Kizer needs to be cut. I’m not too find of somebody wearing 87 yet but I’ll get used to it. Sure I’m not the only one.

    quan Brooklyn kid

    @Joe Cool Berry damn

    Pimp King

    @Joe Cool Berry he went to the raiders what do you expect for him to be their lord and savior?

    Aaron Seidl

    Love it when people are upset about 87, when Willie Davis and Robert Brooks both wore that # before Jordy 😂

    ross denholm

    Amen! My sentiments exactly. Maybe it was a sly move by that sternburgler as Rodgers may have an irrational propensity to throw him the ball due to a subconscious recollection.


    And you base this off a 4th preseason game with almost every starter NOT on the field?

Loyal Philly fan

9:02 Anthony Barr watching this having flashbacks of when josh Allen did that to him lmao

Taylor Krom OFFICIAL

4:25 and 4:37…

Did a play happen twice or am I tripping balls? Lmfao.
Deja Vu? 🤯

    Hayden Theel

    Taylor Krom OFFICIAL it was probably an editing error

    Sumting Wong

    It does happens sometimes in the game highlights. It’s just an editing mistake

    Brodie Hill

    Taylor Krom OFFICIAL I’m high and thought the same thing 🤣


    Glitch in the matrix

tae johnson

Even though teams play vanilla scheme wise on off and def i can definitely see a difference in Lafleur’s offense. The outside zone blocking is better for running the ball and the play actions are clean and well executed. Also the pre snap motions keeping the defense on their toes. I loved that sweet tight end play for the td the Packers did starting at 2:53. And defense looks faster. Can’t wait to see Rodgers and our number 1s in this offense and defense. The sky is the limit with this offense can’t wait to see how it evolves. Defense too. Can’t wait to see the Cheifs in October I hope it’s a high scoring offense kind of night for both teams.

Luis Laureano

Boyle won the backup spot this preseason no contest, and Dexter Williams looks like a dangerous option when Aaron Jones gets tired.

Christopher Gray

Boyle and Manny for backups, we’ve seen enough out of Kizer at this point, he is what he is, a below average QB 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️


    And you base this off a 4th preseason game with almost every starter NOT on the field?

    Hunter Nichols

    @TheSameDufus I mean it’s been all preseason that Kizer hasn’t looked good even last preseason he was pretty bad Boyle has looked good this preseason and even last preseason he’s shown signs of being a good backup


    @Hunter Nichols I’m not sure how it matters when Rodgers is running the offense.

    Hunter Nichols

    @TheSameDufus I think it matters becuase Boyle or Kizer could be our future QB I think Rodgers will likely be done in a few years I’m just looking at the bigger picture


    @Hunter Nichols Lemme know all this in a few years. By then… Neither backups will be your starting QB.


Where are my packers fans at?# GoPacksGo

    Angela Williams

    Right here

Private Twot

Manny always hurdles people especially in college man if y’all knew him before the nfl draft y’all know he did this all time back in college

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