Chiefs vs. Lions: Six Stats to Know – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Killer T

No views 1 like?? Suspicious…..

    Gabe Gall

    Lol YouTube drunk again


    It’s secretly Tom Brady


Most points in NFL history in the second quarter in 4 weeks, what a prestigious record to have.

BillZ The Kid

Mahomes Is Not Human when playin inside Domes so Goodluck Lions 40-21

    Wally Jackson

    BillZ The Kid he hasn’t played in a dome yet


Mahomes is more dangerous on the 50 than on the 20. There’s more space

    Midnight Shamalan

    Mahomes is dangerous no matter where he is. there’s no more or less. from 99 yards out he could throw a 60 yard rope that goes for a TD, or on the goal line he could zip one to a receiver before the defenders have a chance to blink.

tim countryman

Great video thanks

Jacob McDonald

Mahomes has never played in an indoor stadium in the NFL. Last time he did it was in college vs Baylor and he ripped it for 500yds and 6tds. Good luck Detroit…


    @KCC 15 you gota start sometime my friend! I was just lucky that mom remarried and we relocated here when I was 7…my step father is a die hard chief fan.

    Hatters House 710

    Detroit’s defense isn’t Baylor’s. Lions 37 Chiefs 34

    Lamalas Elansie

    @Hatters House 710 you’re right. the lions are the 23rd ranked defense, for comparison KC’s defense is ranked 24th. KC just beat the 16th ranked defense with the number 1 scoring offense in the ravens. and before that the 13th ranked defense with (at the time) 11th ranked offense in the Jags. Plus, 2 of your best defensive backs are hurt (both listed at doubtful as of now, but subject to change) and their best DT is all but out with a foot injury.

    Hatters House 710

    @Lamalas Elansie You are only looking at YPG. Chiefs have the worst rushing defense in the NFL. Chiefs have no chance.

    Socrates The Wise One

    @Lamalas Elansie Mike Daniels is not the lions best D tackle he doesn’t even start

Martin Mendez

The Jaguires? Lol

Paul Wilson

one of the commentators out there said OUR red zone starts at the 50 yard line. I agree.


Honey badge should have hauled in 2 interceptions against the ravens…jackson threw some horrible passes back across field that also should have been swayed down or intercepted. Mathieu has a great nose for where the ball is going, he is going to be a strong asset to the chiefs defense, between him and hardman…ae have so really good rookies.


Patty doesn’t know what the red zone is he is always scoring from our own 20 lol

    Curt Thacker

    Omg Chris Carter please don’t call him patty

    Jay Crazy

    @Curt Thacker patty

    Curt Thacker

    @Jay Crazy 🙄


Inside a dome… this is going to be an amazing game..

ML Fitz

Chiefs by 21

Neil Cabe

if they can beat the Chargers they can beat the Chiefs, but GO CHIEFS!!

    Uncle Sam

    Chargers Suck

Neil Cabe

I love how for 5 years we had the worst down field thrower in the NFL, now we have the best ever to do it!


It’s like rocky vs Ivan drago!!

Cosmic Joker

For some reason The Detroit Lions reminds me of Lowenbrau ?

Cosmic Joker

The Chiefs vs Lowenbrau ?

Sean S.

I remember the last time we played in Detroit, Jamaal Charles tote his ACL

Lanzo Lanzo

Chiefs are just too great

Tav the beast 15

It’s going to be a good one

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