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Josue Tejada

Big mouth Ramsey has nothing to say now. He should just stop talking trash from now on

    Alt Delete

    Na I’m pretty sure he’ll keep doing what got him here. It’s not ur brand but some ppl like it. U win some u lose some

    MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T#LG,G6

    @Imagine TV dummy you ain’t no that’s Hill left the game

    Fresh withit

    Shawn Christianson just stop because Ramsey took Hill out the game and Hill never has a good game against Ramsey last year he only had 4 catches for 61yds and this year he had 2 for 16yds y’all ended winning both games but Hill got shutdown by Ramsey . I’m a Clemson fan from SC so I can’t talk bad about Watkins at all I’m glad to see my boy playing like he did in college l again.

    Isaac O

    Watkins literally pushed off on that last td but ok let’s ignore it

Matthew Shortle

The football gods show no mercy to Foles.

    Leo Dancor

    At least Foles went out in style

    Rico 2 smooth

    @TJ Stacks Facts! I knew he would get hurt

    Renaldy Calixte

    They got him a ring against Tom Brady (because Belchick refused to play Malcolm Butler).

    Sal Va

    because there are no football Gods so cry

Orbitz _

Jags : Our defense is the best in NFL
Pat Mahomes: Huh?


    @Bullets don’t work Jon Not one Steeler receiver caught anything that wasn’t tightly contested until the game was pretty much over, and when they did catch balls they were brought down instantly. It looked like the Jax defenders felt that it was too early in the season to 1) actually run with receivers and don’t let them get beyond safety help, and 2) hit or tackle any pass catcher who caught a ball. There were enough YACs to populate a Himalayan village.

    Shalton Blaylock

    Orbitz _ we lost jack in the middle of the game.
    We got. Back ups playing starter.
    Telvin smith retired.
    No Malik jackson
    Tavern Bryant trash
    Lost the draft pick after a tackle
    No Jack Ryan
    The defense is lacking
    Also AJ Bouyee already tired.
    Man is weak.

    Butch Davis

    @Jags Nation not anymore

    Bullets don't work Jon

    @Keaden Wheeler the stats say it all 3ppg vs 2 top 10 offenses🤷‍♂️

    Siegfried von Vegesack

    Somehow Andy Reid is Pete Carroll spelt backwards? Except it ain’t Pete Carroll spelt backwards. Zoom is not Doom. Whatever. Something like that. What am I trying to say? I’m kinda confused. That’s why I would fire both Reid and Carroll after this season.


Jags defense was pitiful, feel bad for Foles but his backup was looking good.

    Michael Perry

    Dooky I feel like the coverage was decent for the most part, when the chiefs were wide open it was more due to offensive scheme to get them open.

    Butch Davis

    @Michael Perry I’m sorry but Ronnie Harrison and Jarrod Wilson were terrible and were blowing coverage left and right along with Ramsey who let Watkins run wide open behind his deep 3rd of the field.

    Look, chris simms is right, this defense has basically just gotten figured out by even decent offenses in this league. Its the Seattle defense that many teams started emulating and trusting that they had the personnel to do so. There’s a rolodex of plays against this defense and KC just showed the blueprint of how to flood those zones…this could get ugly


    @Dooky It is all about one on one matchup in the NFL. AFC will be interesting this year. Too early in season because lack of reps in preseason, probably designed to keep injuries low when number of regular season games were increased.

    usernametaken 56

    That guy is legit for sure

    Brooklynn & Teron

    Pablo Robles I said all of the best defenses. And idc what you saying, Chicago defense ain’t playing as good as phillys in crucial moment. I’m taking that d-line


Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the dolphins lost 59-10 to the ravens

    Intelligent Investor

    Or the fact that the reigning Super Bowl champions absolutely shredded the steelers 33-3

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Mac Burnett One game and all of a sudden he overrated? Hmmm

    Renaldy Calixte

    @NMJ 88 Yep its happens every Monday after week 1.


    Lemme stop u right there and say I just gave you your 1k like


Reporter “So Jalen who was holding Watkins”?
Jalen “Why are you asking me? I don’t play defense”.

    I cheat On Tests

    BasedTim 7:50

    John Doe

    @I cheat On Tests out of 3 Tds sammy got Jalen was on him that one….what’s your point? Every cb gets a td scored on them. Its football


    the man he’s literally their best player, main reason you were relevant 2 years ago, morons.


    SLIGHT MARE as a jags fan, completely agree. Don’t understand how other jags fans want him out of Jax. Blows my mind


Due to technical difficulties the last 7 minutes of the game could not be included. The final score was 40-26.

    Quentin Peters

    They show the Miles Jack ejection but won’t show how Nick Foles got injured? what kinda PR sense does that make?

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Joshua Knight Ratings were down in 2016 and 2017 so ratings going up in 2018 isn’t too impressive. There’s a reason NFL wants 18 games.

    Nebula res

    @Aidan Jarrell that’s actually bullshit. People stopped watching the game because we were obviously gonna win so they switched to another game. The announcer literally said they were switching to “a more competitive game”


    We paid for a service and didn’t get it, we want compensation on the nfl game pass

    Dan Rodriguez

    NFL who had 40? Just asking cuz anything can happen in 7min

Yeng Vang

Sammy Watkins is back being who he was again… miss this guy. Been injured for years and now better than ever

    usernametaken 56

    Sammy was in beast mode the whole game!

    Anthony DePaola

    James Mull- Adkins/ Gamertag – LEgNDofMrRaGER
    He wasn’t wishing injury. Just pointing out that sometime is injury prone. Nothing wrong with that.

    Im NotKitten

    @Joseph Jubas no it was against jacksonville who has a great defense

    Quentin Peters

    week one… calm down


We almost got one full quarter with Nick Foles.


    Akeem Francis Dumb

    Hammy Sosa

    @Brooklynn & Teron lol thats my guy tho! i was just deep in my conspiracy bag but I’ve been an Eagles fan since 99… happy he got us our first superbowl ring mcnabb couldnt get us lol


    Also don’t forget that Nick Foles’ mere presence on the sidelines provides the greatest spiritual field goal defense in the NFL.

    Tony Davis

    @Brooklynn & Teron nicely put… Least somebody else follows his career and KNOW their facts

Shawn Christianson

Anyone else go into the fetal position as soon as Mahomes needed help off the field? Lmao

    donald seigel

    About had a heartattack!

    Kevin OConnor

    Yeah felt like I pooped my heart out

    donald seigel

    @Kevin OConnor lol

Asandza Vilakati

i know you guys saw that juke by Sammy😱

    BillZ The Kid

    Asandza Vilakati took his ankles


    decapitated his ankles 😆

Mari Breon

It wasn’t even our offense that did bad…it was the defense 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Renaldy Calixte

    @Slimmy Johns Chiefs are a bad defense.


    That offensive line was terrible


    @Lucid Cactus can’t wait to play y’all, #patriots

    Justin Pettit

    Facts. Minschew looked good replacing Foles

    Chezzy Catches

    That chiefs defense sucks it’s filled with rookies thats why the jags were scoring

philly_ sports

This goes to prove that any QB can get injured at any time. I wish Nick a healthy recover.

    Lethal Talon24

    @Alt Delete false. Wentz was healthy all 16 games in 2016.

    Charlie B.

    @don dada Easy there…philly_sports is legit and was saying the bummer truth. It sucks he got hurt for sure and I’m sure he didn’t enjoy surgery Monday.

    Manuel Vazquez

    Drew Bledsoe


    ​@Cullen Kerr just like the hit wentz’s knee took when two 250+ pound players sat on it

Curtis 23

Mahomes back to murdering teams on live tv. #Mvp

    Dannielle Carpio

    And murreder by brady 😂😂😂

    usernametaken 56

    @Bobby Burton Is that with or without deflated footballs and other dirty BB pat tricks?

    Justin Pettit

    @Bobby Burton Yeah because his defense didn’t stop Brady and NE offense in the reg season matchup . He killed NE defense with 40 points. Then the AFCCG came down to a defensive penalty costing them the win. So it’s not like it’s on Mahomes for those losses.

    Justin Pettit

    @Matt Burasco Yep. That reg season matchup last year was a complete shootout

    Cory G

    Mahomes is good, but he gets a ton of YAC from Andy Reid’s scheme.

Matt Hix

If mahomes didnt screw his ankle up probably would of broke the single yards per game passing record

    The Executor

    Matt Hix yeah ikr he had like 300 yards in the first half he was set for like 600 yards

    Justin Pettit

    @The Executor imagine what more that Watkins would’ve done. Lol


Myles Jack tampered with CBS after getting ejected so we couldn’t see his team get steam rolled.

    Alex Engleman

    KJonesy lol

    Cali World tv


    NMJ 88

    Yo I swear that’s what happened, they kept saying on TV that “the power went out in the media truck.” Really it was Myles Jack destroying the truck when they showed his baby legs during the ejection 😂😂

    Bobby Ibitoye

    NMJ 88 🤣🤣🤣


Anyone else think that backup for Jacksonville was pretty good. Certainly better than Bortles.

    Greg P

    Backups often look great coming off the bench because the other team does not game plan for them. My guess is that he is not going to look nearly as spectacular next week. Usually, backups are backups for a reason

    Computer Guy

    @Hail Odin your an idiot, he matched a 40 year NFL record for rookie completions. 40 years, in other words, before you existed. You too Greg.

    Harry Brelsford

    @Greg P He was a highlight reel at Washington State. Minshews the real deal

    Gator Nation

    Lol yeah. Hey, also your Texans played really good. Y’all will probably beat us next week.

Big Truck Fitness

Sammy looking like he back n college 💪🏿💪🏿

Paul Bautista

I hate to say it, but KC is our only hope against another Patriots SB run.


    Troy Martin offense did not lose the speed did you see Sammy Watkins?

    Justin Pettit

    Or Browns if they can get it going. I know they’re not experienced but they’re talented and will be getting the Patriots killer after the 8 week suspension Kareem Hunt.

    His 3rd best career rushing game and both of his top 2 receiving games came against NE in two matchups vs them (I think Chiefs win vs NE in AFCCG if they had him)

    Justin Pettit

    @Kevin OConnor I think he wins multiple Superbowls.

    Justin Pettit

    @Troy Martin Missing the speed? They still have Hill, and Watkins and added Hardman in the draft.

    Benny Wave

    @MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T#LG,G6 theres always a chance in Football. KC came within a offsides of being in the Super Bowl. If the refs dont call neutral zone infraction the Chiefs win that game because Brady threw a game ending pick

Rod Guy

Congrats To the Chiefs and their Fans. Good luck on the rest of your season. From a Jags fan👍🤙

    Johnny Kirkham

    Rod Guy hella awesome to know there are still good sportsmen out there. Best of luck to you

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