Chiefs vs. Jaguars: Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Sol 123

Let’s go Chiefs! Bring one to KC this year

Big Duke

I think Kelce can have a monster game if they bracket Tyreek over the top.

tookie redd

Don’t forget about

RamblinroseDigger Winton

Great interview! I have it chiefs 38-17. My uncle Eddie Rice worked for the kansas city star for a long time. He was an inspiration because he was deaf. He was a proof reader and then moved up too a director i think. Go chiefs!

kitten tv

Let’s go!!!!!

Sean M.

awesome video!!! i like this 2 screen style with video clips

Terry Brunk

Andy,get more credit for play calling. Just look @ his OC’s going on to have success as head coaches. He is great coming up w/plays,but his OC’s call will good games,if he lets them. We win if EB calls plays.

denny be

35-27? So he’s saying we’ll have a crap defense again? Oh Lawd say it ain’t so.

    Derek Mathews

    Josh, I do. Look at the way that he did some things. I don’t think it’s going to turn around in one year, but I expect improvement this year. All the talent we have gotten on that side of the ball.

Nova Jackson SR

Patrick Mahomes…..”PM” he be putting them to sleep!!!

Memphis Memphis


Claudette Boyce

Let’s go Chiefs!

Michael Gardner

Is anyone else here a huge fan of TP and BJ? I’ve been watching BJ BEFORE TPT.

samson gersing

Darwin Thomas, &Thournhill

allan oteyza

Chiefs going down! You guys stepping into duval county!! Can the chiefs play in that florida heat!!! Go jags

    Austen Falk

    We’re not in the north. Its humid as hell here too.

    allan oteyza

    Guys it’s going to be 104 heat index with 90% humidity. I’m going to be at the game. In the lower level. That heat is going to be hot!!!

    Chris Piper

    @allan oteyza Good, you’ll have a great view of The Drone Mahomes throwing TD’s then.

    Maybe you might get lucky and get his autograph as well?

    allan oteyza

    @Chris Piper if I get a
    football from Patrick I’ll send it to you. 😎😎😉

    Chris Piper

    @allan oteyza Sounds good, that will be the 2nd one i have lol

Greg Van Gaasbeek

JAGUARS will have the #1 Defense this year.

Jason Peters

Tyreek Hill the most important factor of Chiefs

Austen Falk

I miss Terez so much

Billy Pardew

The team that scores the most points will win the game ….thats how i see it

Charles Peter

The only negative thing he could say was that Mahomes might not have the stats he had last year he registered the best season ever for a quarterback so he’s up against his own stats maybe he won’t be themself this time but he will eventually

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