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OXY_ Vicious

Go chiefs and first


Im so excited #ChiefsKingdom

Mr Hazlett




charged effects

I’m going to that game!

    No Nonsense Ms. Elle

    I know its gonna be awesome! Make sure to eat plenty of bbq and show Sanfransico how classy we are as fans! Let’s get it CHIEFS!β€πŸ’›β€πŸ’›

    charged effects

    No Nonsense Ms. Elle I’ll probably get chicken at the game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Cole Keleher

    @charged effects did anybody else notice that everybody on our pre-season schedule was either on or regular season schedule last season or is on our regular season schedule this season that being the Packers? Speaking of which I don’t understand why the NFL is forcing us to play the Packers in the preseason since we’re playing them in the regular season I remember back when we were playing the Rams every preseason when they were in St Louis we would skip a preseason game against the Rams when we played them in the regular season. It’s just common sense, although come to think of it Rodger Goodell lacks that.


    Preseason games are mad underrated. Fun, laid back, and inexpensive. Have fun at the game

Curt Thacker

Ready for Dee Ford to get booo out of the stadium bet we can make up jump

    Adam Daugherty

    Curt Thacker LMMFAO

    Football Productions

    Although I wouldn’t boo Dee Ford cuz I liked what he did for us , everyone has their bad moment his just happened to be at a bad time and Bob Sutton put him at a position he doesn’t even play

    Curt Thacker

    @Football Productions couldn’t have been any worst time that’s for sure cost a Superbowl

    Football Productions

    @Curt Thacker yeah I feel ya bro but other than that atleadt he helped get us there lol

Curt Thacker

Kingdom of zoomπŸ’ͺ✌️

Terry McBride

Frank is worth 3 Dee’s!

    Alex James

    Frank Clark is really good, and I hope he balls-out this year BUT THREE?? Dee Fords? come on now, I teared up when I seen the yellow Flag on the field but he was still a hell of a player. If Pat made 1 or 2 more throws in the first half, that flag wouldn’t have meant anything. You don’t lose because of 1 play. We had plenty of opportunities to stop the pats, on that drive and in OT. Sorry wasn’t trying to rant lol #CHIEFSKINGDOM #SUPERBOWLBOUND

White guys with backpacks and small dicks

Why do Chiefs always play on Saturday they should be playing Thursday or Sunday

Neck Slapper Mark 2


Adam Daugherty

Let’s GO CHIEFS!!!!!

Sports Edits

Can’t wait to see the starters one more time before regular season

Sean Nelson


Paul Wilson

I hope they play mahomes a bit longer the starting players need game time with him. #MahomesGOAT #NextDynasty #ChiefsKingdom #SBLIVChamps


My boy Herb Miller needs to have a big year for us

Matthew Sharp

Wonder if Jimmy G will play at all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Erick Linares


Neck Slapper Mark 2


Jacob Hall

I bet Mahomes is going to start πŸ˜‚

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