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Chiefs Rookies Suit Up for the First Time

See Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Willie Gay, Lucas Niang, Michael Danna and more of the Chiefs rookies wearing the red and gold for the first time.

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RayKC - Brawl Stars / Pokémon

Here comes the new wave of great Chiefs players. Let’s go for a third!

    Jabari Cambridge

    Yes sirrrr

Inevitable Clowney

clyde is going to be a boom

Nelly Soto

Let’s go Chiefs !!!!

Skaoaooakkzkk Snowpack


Spencer K

Clyde will be Rookie of the Year

    The-Turkish King

    Alfredo Soto he is not the 3rd string it’ll be him and Ingram in that backfield just watch
    Jk is the most athletic RB they have and has the most potential
    He’ll be a mixture of A Powerback and a Elusiveback
    Look at his highlights all thru college he went from
    This small fast RB to this big Fast powerback
    And I don’t recall ppl hyping Jk up they’ve been Hyping CEH just bc he was on the national championship team

    Alfredo Soto

    @The-Turkish King Gus edwards tho

    Alfredo Soto

    @The-Turkish King And it could easily go 2 Jerry Jeudy or Deandre Swift for oroy

    The-Turkish King

    Alfredo Soto Gus is The norm powerback
    Jerry jeudy ain’t winning it
    1 who knows how his knee will hold up
    2 he don’t have this great QB throwing to him so he will prob have a 500-700 yd year
    D’andre Swift has a chance but I doubt it I see a 700-900 yd year and that’s if he takes that starting spot from Kerryon

    Alfredo Soto

    @The-Turkish King Will Jk aint winning it either probaly wont go over 700 yards

Elijah Odum

Yessir run it back full go rookies

adam spence

Love to see young blood come to OUR SUPERBOWL CHAMPION CHIEFS!!!!!!!! Hope these young men bring it… especially the LB’S!#CHIEFSKINGDOM

Brady Hudgins

Willie “I gotta yell fo real?” Gay Jr.


    You might have started a new meme for chiefs fans.


    I don’t know how to yell for no reason.


I hope Clyde makes Charles proud

    Jeremiah Dominguez

    Man, Charles number needs to be retired.


    @Jeremiah Dominguez yea thats fked up.. J. Charles put too much work in for the Chiefs. Hella disrespectful.


Let’s Run It Back



Jayden Loomis

Clyde for rookie of the year

Fanboy 3k

All aboard the hype train! Go Chief’s!

Peter DeMarco

Clyde gonna be a monster. Look out.

SundayBest 101

Helaire gonna have a monster year maybe OROY

SundayBest 101

I’m gonna get Clyde in fantasy

King Blaise

#25 should be retired y’all know why

    Justin Hall

    Damn right. Jamal is by far one of my all time favorite players to ever put on a Chiefs jersey. Matter of fact, I still have his jersey.

    King Blaise

    Justin Hall I would kill for a Jamaal Charles jersey. Definitely a chiefs legend!

    Jordan Adams

    Agreed Jamal best back in my book.

    Cary Lewis

    Yessir Shady McCoy the goat

Trevor Duverny

“Idk how to tell for no reason”🤣

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

1:52 majestic

Micah Hayes

CEH and Willy G goin to be turnt up this yr as rooks. ” Run it back”!

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